Bag of Tricks (Tools of the Trade)

Continuous Education for Writers

No one should stop learning. Imbibing knowledge is what makes you a better person. You can always find different sources to feed your brain. And if you're a freelance writer? One of those places is the Freelance Writers Den. Which just happens to be open for membership for a few more days.

Lightning Strikes (Inspiration)

Fan Favorite

Everyone finds themselves intrigued by and fanning over SOMETHING. Before you know it, you've purchased every book in a series, watched every movie, and collected every piece of memorabilia you can lay your fingers on. And - if you're a writer - you might have dabbled at playing around in the world. Fan fiction's one of the best ways to job you're writing brain. And you never know when it'll lead you to the next best idea.

Bag of Tricks (Tools of the Trade)

Getting Personal

As a writer, getting your name out there becomes a goal (obsession). And you'll explore plenty of avenues to achieve that dream. One that people often overlook is the personal essay. Which is crazy because the writing involved isn't complicated, and you'll find plenty of sources ready and willing to accept a polished piece.

Brain Break (English Class)

Star Trek Disease

What are you supposed to worry about when you write? Spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And everyone learns these tools in school (in theory). Yet you constantly find pieces of work that DON'T use them. And one of the biggest issues? COMMAS! Commas that appear where they don't belong, and commas that DON'T show up. So let's discuss this little mark.