Heroes for Andria Kennedy: Virginia Freelance Content Writer

These extraordinary heroes are undoubtedly worthy of the title (break out Mjölnir; they can lift it!). I don’t know where I’d be without them – well, besides struggling. Whether they’ve contributed help with this site or assisted in my day-to-day life, I couldn’t exist without them.

Once you read about them, you’ll applaud them (seriously, drop by their sites for a visit – though I’m not responsible for any Rabbit Holes you get trapped in).

Above all, I ask for a hearty, “Excelsior!” They’ve earned it.

Hooked on Nerdy: Logo for Tamera Schoenholz

Tamera Schoenholz

Photographer, Artist Extraordinaire

Besides being my super-awesome little sister, Tamera is the designer of my adorable AK logo. She’s also a fantastic photographer – at her day job and in her spare time. And (because those aren’t enough) she’s a genius with crochet needles. No, really. She comes up with her patterns – out of the blue!

You can follow her crochet work on Instagram (@hookedonnerdy), or you can pick up a unique crochet pattern in her Etsy shop, Hooked on Nerdy. (And, no, I earn no commissions if you visit her site from these links)

Amazingly Focused


Confession: these outstanding photographers are also insanely good friends. You won’t regret looking into their work, though; it’s stunning. (And that’s without the teeny-tiny bias in play)

They took some of the best photos at our wedding. And when they make their big break and reach global-recognition status? I’m going to be proud to say I knew them when. You’ll want to do the same.

Amazingly Focused: Logo for Kassandra and Peter Brown

Chelsea Tracey Photography Logo

Chelsea Tracy


Chelsea is the phenomenal photographer responsible for the headshot I initially used on the first iteration of this site. She also took our engagement pictures. And anyone who can get SMILING photos of the pair of us that don’t look strange? Yeah, they rank as a genius. (Trust me, it’s an accomplishment)

She’s terrific to work with, and the images she captures speak for themselves.

Lasered Treasure

LASER Engraving

Besides being my parents and helping out with – well, everything we need (LOVE THEM!), they also operate a LASER-engraving business. If you can think of it – and it fits in the machine – they can handle your needs.

Cassie is the company’s official mascot and greeter (self-appointed, as you might expect). She also wins over anyone who THINKS they don’t like cats (tripod cats have a way of doing that). If she and Tonks ever meet, prepare for the Apocalypse.

Cassie: the unofficial mascot for Lasered Treasure

Doodle Cookie Co.: Logo for Kylie Mobiglia

Cookie Artist

Have you ever wanted amazing cookies? Cookies that not only taste fantastic but look too good to eat? (I mean, you’ll eat them, but you’ll snap a photo first) Hit up Doodle Cookie Company.

When we presented the challenge of turning the Minions into dragons for our wedding (what? We’re already established I’m strange), Kylie didn’t bat an eye – and the treats came out perfect!

Twisted Sisters

Cupcakes, Cakes, and More

Not gonna lie – we hit up Twisted Sisters A LOT. After deciding they were the perfect choice to make our wedding cake, it was impossible to stay away. With featured monthly and weekly flavors, it’s impossible NOT to sneak over there.

Twisted Sisters Cupcakes Logo

Original artwork of Andria Kennedy drawn by No Flutter Studios

No Flutter Studios


Where to start to describe Jennifer? Talented (obviously). Creative (duh). Wickedly delightful (soul after my own heart). Also, INSANELY hard-working and committed to her devoted fanbase. I mean, she tackles so many (self-imposed) deadlines it isn’t funny!

She took on this commission (well, a much LARGER piece, actually) for me. And it’s so stunning, it defies description. I knew it’d turn out gorgeous, considering I own two other pieces of her work – they sit over my workspace – but nothing prepared me for the attention of detail and care she took. If you have even a hint of geek streak, you need to hit No Flutter Studios and check out her work.