Substack allows you to write what you want AND offer paid subscriptions
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Substack: The Other (Monetary) Writers’ Platform

Writers like getting their voice out there. But traditional publication isn't always an option. And blogs? Well, are they or aren't they dying? So what other options do you have? For plenty of writers, Substack has filled the gap - particularly because of the option to set up subscriptions.

Dragon Soul Press offers a rolling selection of anthologies you can submit to
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Finding Anthologies For Your Writing

You know the usual routine: Write a story, edit it, and then start the cycle of submitting it to various publications. But markets disappear. Or they close to submissions for one reason or another. And you're left wondering what to do. Well, why not try one of the many anthologies out there? You'll get to share the publication with other accomplished authors. AND see your story in print!

You can use a fairy tale to start ANY story
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Fairy Tale Indices for Unicorn Writers

Plenty of stories take inspiration from fairy tales. And you can probably name the Grimm Brothers' basics. But do you know where they got the tales from? Or how many variations exist for every story out there? When you start diving into the history and themes of these favorites, you find startling nuggets you can exploit for new story ideas. Or you can simply learn something new!

LinkedIn is a social media opportunity writers tend to forget
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LinkedIn: The Other Social Media Site

Social media is an important marketing tool for writers. And a rather easy one to use. But as you check off your boxes, you may tend to overlook one: LinkedIn. It isn't as glamorous as the others, but it works in exactly the same way. And it can provide plenty of networking and marketing opportunities.

Sonia's Newsletter provides pitching opportunities twice a week in your email
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Sonia’s Newsletter: Pitching Opportunities for Writers

Writer brains tend to overflow with ideas. And while there's nothing wrong with writing up a story or essay, it helps to know you can place it somewhere FIRST. You can blindly pitch your thoughts. Or you can keep an eye out for calls for pitches. But knowing when editors are looking for certain themes or stories is a lot of work. Which is why having resources like Sonia's Newsletter is so important.

Canva is versatile and doesn't take long to learn - or use!
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Canva: The Creative Professional’s Best Friend

Writers are creative - no one doubts that. But what we paint with words we may not manage to do with graphics. And we don't usually have to. Stock imagery exists for a reason. Does that mean you SHOULDN'T learn to play with graphic designers? NO! Canva is one of the easiest platforms out there - and it's free!

Literary magazines - whether in print or online - offer opportunities for non-fiction and fiction
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Literary Magazines: Are You Utilizing This Creative Outlet?

Finding somewhere to pitch a hot story? That isn't tough. And when your imagination runs wild, you can easily find markets for speculative fiction. But what about personal essays? Or creative non-fiction? How about poetry? Writers need somewhere to submit their more cerebral work. And that's where the literary magazines of the world come in.