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Welcome to my oh-so-humble brag page. That’s right – this is where I share my publications! We’re talking the articles, essays, and short stories that underwent the rigorous process of editing, reviewing, and revising. (To say nothing of the pitching/submission – and a few rejections – process!)

Yes, I hold these separate from my professional portfolio. Mostly because I set out to complete the work. I wasn’t working for a client (with two exceptions). They represent:

  • Independent research (even those that were a “labor of love”)
  • The scientific method (where appropriate)
  • Blending storytelling and information to connect with readers
  • Working on a deadline
"Crazy!" is exactly what you must be thinking to stumble upon such a brilliant freelance writer

Not to mention a lot of personal marketing. I got the word out for all the publications through my social media to help boost readership and sales. I know, it didn’t hurt my exposure, either)

"Say what?" Of course this freelance writer is THAT good

Oh, and if you’re worried about affiliate links, you’re in the clear. I don’t make a single penny when you click these links. (Not even if you decide to buy a copy of a book) Whatever compensation I received from these publications already made its way to the bank.

And odds are the Minions spent everything eons ago. (That’s what being a responsible pet parent is all about, right? Keeping your furkids in the lap of luxury they’ve come to expect?)

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  • Kennedy, Andria. “Forget Acceptance – Troop Beverly Hills the Guide to Glamping” in Isn’t She Great: Writers on Women-Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart. Ed. Elizabeth Teets. Read Furiously Press. Jan. 2024.
Andria Kennedy's humorous essay "Forget Acceptance - Troop Beverly Hills the Guide to Glamping" is featured in Isn't She Great

  • Kennedy, Andria. “Sea Foam and Fire” in Song of the Siren. Ed. J.E. Feldman. Dragon Soul Press. May 2023.
    • Story took Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future Contest 1st Quarter 2023
Andria Kennedy's dark fantasy short story "Sea Foam and Fire" is featured in Song of the Siren

  • Kennedy, Andria. “Pains of Glass” in Existential Hologram. Ed. Jason Russell. Starry Eyed Press. Mar. 2023.
    • Story took Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future Contest 1st Quarter 2022
Andria Kennedy's science fiction short story "Pains of Glass" is featured in Existential Hologram

Andria Kennedy's essay "Fetching Catnip Mice" is featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned From My Cat

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Clever, Curious, Caring Cat, featuring the personal essay "The Demon Assistant" written by Andria Kennedy

Scientific Journals

What? I have a very diverse publication history! (And, yes, this is still me. The paper is from my college days, before I got married)

Magazines and Literary Journals

"Whoa!" Andria Kennedy's an accomplished freelance writer with a multitude of writing chops!

2023 Publications

2022 Publications

2020 Publications


What are publications without a few extra bragging rights? Writers don’t always take the time to shout about their accomplishments, and I want to change that (for myself, anyway).

  • Writers of the Future Contest
    • Honorable Mention 1st Quarter 2023 (“Sea Foam and Fire” – Dark Fantasy)
    • Honorable Mention 1st Quarter 2022 (“Pains of Glass” – Science Fiction)
    • Silver Honorable Mention 4th Quarter 2021 (“Glissando” – Science Fiction)
    • Silver Honorable Mention 1st Quarter 2021 (“Everapple” – Dark Fantasy)
    • Honorable Mention 3rd Quarter 2005 (“Glissando” – Fantasy)
    • Quarter-Finalist 2nd Quarter 2005 (“Sister Mine” – Horror)
    • Quarter-Finalist 4th Quarter 2004 (“Pains of Glass” – Fantasy)
"Love it!" is exactly what the judges said when they reviewed these publications by freelance writer, Andria Kennedy