Speech Bubble

The best freelance writers roll with the punches. And the jabs. Or the hooks. You need the ability to research, investigate submission requirements, and work with a variety of editors. Then you need to adapt pitches, track down emails (or LinkedIn/Twitter accounts), and dazzle with your writing skills.

And do it over and over and over and over – You get the idea.

If you’ve popped over to The Library and viewed my content, copy, and blogging work, you know I’m not afraid to take on any topic. (And if you haven’t yet, you should) These gorgeous publications? They demonstrate a different facet of my writing:

  • Finding appropriate sources and interviews to document claims
  • Understanding the scientific process
  • Blending the perfect amount of storytelling and information to connect with readers
  • Working on a deadline

Print (even online) sources bring different expectations with them. And I have those notches on my utility belt.

And I can apply the same writing techniques to your projects. All you need to do is ask.

Oh, and if you’re worried about affiliate links, you’re in the clear. I don’t make a cent if you click any of these links. The compensation I received already made its way into the bank. (And odds are the Minions spent everything eons ago)

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