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What makes the internet go round? Cats and blogs. Or is that blogging about cats? (Tonks was zero help in researching that answer)

However it works, a regularly updated blog gives visitors a reason to subscribe, follow, and like. Plus, you get the bonus of ready-made material for your newsletter! (You DO have a newsletter for visitors, don’t you?) Pop in links to recent posts, and voila! You drive activity. That makes Google happy, and it keeps YOU smiling (hard to decide which is more important).

People LOVE learning, and they use the internet (blogs) as their top resource. Including blog posts on your site or apps with key calls to action ensures visitors return again and again.

Cute, fierce, and committed - the perfect combination of talents from this Virginia freelance content writer

That’s what engaging blogs are FOR.

Loyal followers (did someone say subscribers?) drop by to see what’s new (especially when you keep routine schedules). Then they start comment threads looking for enlightenment. And when friends ask for blogs to read and follow? Yours is the first that comes to mind.

Superhero of the Blogs

With a system in place of fantastic, regularly-published blog posts, you sit back and watch your impressions and engagements climb. Take a look at the stunning numbers I brought a blog client (in just SIX MONTHS):

  • Impressions: +48,759
  • Clicks: 1,352
  • Google Rank: #2

Or how about increasing an app user database from 3 million to 4 million in under a year? That’s the power of consistent blog posts – and my client couldn’t be happier.

Andria Kennedy is the top superhero when it comes to blogs - but you'd expect that of a Virginia freelance content writer, right?

Even OLD blog posts won’t end up lost to the void. With some polish and shine, they can resurrect from the dead (in a good way – no zombies).

Writers are also editors. With an eye for detail, broken links and images get repaired, navigation and reading improve, and SEO gets optimized.

Poof! A new post for visitors to discover.

Take a gander at these numbers for an edited post I handled for a client (a quick THREE-MONTH turnaround this time):

  • Impressions: Increased 10,351
  • Clicks: Increased 106

Sound like the results you want for your blog?

Of course!

I can do the same – and BETTER – for you! All it takes is a flash of that AK Signal. We’ll collaborate on the perfect blog scheme to get visitors flocking to your feed.

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Now, I DO have additional blog material available (in raw form) if you’re interested. Shoot me a message, and I’ll happily send the PDFs your way.

And don’t worry about pesky ads clogging your screen. You’re getting a clean PDF file, compiled for your viewing pleasure.