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Sonia’s Newsletter: Pitching Opportunities for Writers

Writer brains tend to overflow with ideas. And while there’s nothing wrong with writing up a story or essay, it helps to know you can place it somewhere FIRST. You can blindly pitch your thoughts. Or you can keep an eye out for calls for pitches. But knowing when editors are looking for certain themes or stories is a lot of work. Which is why having resources like Sonia’s Newsletter is so important. … Read on…Sonia’s Newsletter: Pitching Opportunities for Writers

Cons often have writing tracks, allowing you to combine learning with fun

Finding Your Tribe: The Fun of Cons

All work and no play turns writers into robots – and not in a good way. You need to get out and have some fun now and then. You also need to network with other people of a like mind. So why not combine the two and find a convention that appeals to the secret fandoms (or not-so-secret fandoms) of your brilliant mind? Cons are the perfect way to recharge that writing brain of yours. … Read on…Finding Your Tribe: The Fun of Cons