Masks and Capes (Privacy)

Masks and Capes: Privacy Policy for Antihero Kreative, the company of Andria Kennedy, Virginia Freelance Content Writer

What is Antihero Kreative?

Antihero Kreative ( is the official name for my freelance writing business. And – like any true superhero, antihero, or supervillain – you’ll find this is a solo operation (no sidekicks). All of this genius? It’s helmed by yours truly, Andria Kennedy. (Well, yeah – and Tonks)

If you have any questions, concerns, or desire to reach me? It’s as easy as filling out the form at the bottom – it’ll work whether you’re looking to hire me OR ask questions.

Am I Tracking You?

Why, yes. Tonks deploys tiny tracking devices to everyone that contacts us. Then we hover over a screen and watch every move you make until you agree to make me the only writer you employ – EVER.

Just kidding. When it comes to personal information, I request enough to ensure a compatible working relationship. That means your name, business name (if you have one), email, phone number, and address. And once our contract comes to a close? The only place your information will reside is in the memory of my Dubsado portal. I don’t sell it or display it for anyone’s use. (And it only sticks around for tax and record purposes)

I DO maintain a portfolio (The Library), so potential clients can view the work I’ve performed. If you don’t wish me to include our work there, make sure we discuss this when we set up our contract.

Ghostwriting projects aren’t exempt from the portfolio. If you’d rather I omit your project from the Library, let me know so that’s specified in our contract.

I’ll Quote You On That

Obviously, you should expect SOME information collection if you leave comments on the site (no pressure – reading in silence works, too). I’M not the one taking down names and addresses in that case, though; WordPress is the mastermind behind that. They record the fields you see, your IP address, and the agent string from the browser you’re using (this helps with my spam detection).

If you have Gravatar, an extra step goes to work while the system checks your email. It’s why you’ll see a random string (or hash) when you enter your address. Once they verify your info, your profile pic will pop up. (And, nope, I don’t have anything to do with that, either)

Now, the comment? That stays FOREVER. (So think carefully about starting epic word battles) This is WordPress’s design to prevent lengthy delays as new readers come along. It allows new comments to pop up without sitting in “moderation” purgatory for eons.

However, this is why I use the Askimet anti-spam service. (Remember all those fields you filled out? That’s Askimet at work) It prevents the crud that circulates through cyberspace from clogging up the blog feed. Helpful to you AND me because no one wants to read that junk.

If you want a copy of the information you filled out for a comment, you can have it. And that includes asking for a request to erase everything. All you need to do is submit a request, and I (and WordPress) will happily destroy the evidence and employ the memory erasal devices. (Um, WordPress does ask that I point out this WON’T include any data they HAVE to keep for legal purposes)

Yes, the Dark Side has Cookies

Yeah, the internet and cookies go hand-in-hand. And that means leaving a comment translates to carting a cookie home (and not the yummy chocolate chip kind). The process is intended to save you from having to fill out the entire form all over again. WordPress stores them for ONE YEAR. (And I don’t have access to the jar, so no worries)

Whenever you visit AK, a temporary cookie (still nothing warm and chewy) goes to your browser to check for cookie acceptance. It doesn’t contain, track, or hold personal data. And when you close the browser? The cookie disappears. (So, really, it’s not one you need to worry about. I’m only sharing it for transparency)

“Stay on Target”

Everyone knows the internet is a giant rabbit hole. That means – even here – you’ll find links, photos, and videos. And when you go click-crazy and tap your mouse on them? Well, you know what happens. You’re subject to all of the potential embedded content that comes with them.

So, yeah, that means you’re going to end up with other sites that will collect information on you, deploy cookies (you guessed it – no delicious treats), and possibly even set up third-party tracking. I’d love to say I could shield you from the onslaught, but I’m a writer – not a programmer. (And that may even be beyond their scope. The internet’s the epitome of [necessary] evil)

For my part, I’m not going to share anything I feel ranks in the dangerous category. My links? They relate to – well, me! (Yes, I know, potentially dangerous. Let’s overlook that, shall we?) But if I didn’t include the warning here, I’d feel bad.