Andria Kennedy

Andria Kennedy: Certifiable Sentence Guru - and Personal Assistant Feline, Tonks


I know, not what you’ve come to expect from the average freelance writer. But if you felt content with “ordinary,” “average,” or “run-of-the-mill,” you wouldn’t be here. You would have settled for someone whose life ISN’T managed by an 8-pound feline demon. (Or she could be a flerken; we’re still not sure)

So let’s cut past droll chit-chat and recognize that you – like me – have a weird streak. A bit of strangeness. The slight twist of INTERESTING that makes life unique and FUN.

Excellent! We’ll get along fine!

Now, what drove you to send up the AK Signal? (It’s so much cuter than the Bat-Signal, isn’t it?)

How about I take some guesses:

Robot in Club Shape
  1. You’re a member of a BioTech, HealthTech, Mental Health, Outdoor, Pet, or Science field.
  2. The struggle to translate termniology and technical specs into “everyday” copy tops your list of daily aggravations.
  3. You WANT to connect with people, boosting engagement, increasing subscriptions and sales, and enhancing everyone’s understanding of the awesomeness you bring to the world. (It’s the HOW you’re fighting with)
  4. As it stands, the current copy on your site leaves people wandering around with question marks over their heads (and not in the good, “I have a quest for you” way).
  5. You REALLY want to meet Tonks.

Am I close?

I get it. The words one sets down to create stories MATTER. And you want to craft sweeping epics that leave people perched on the edge of their seats.

Not sixth-grade science films that result in everyone dozing in the back of the class.

When you ally yourself with a winning storyteller, you keep people coming back, hungry for more. (Think zombie hoard – minus the desire for brains) A spark of curiosity here, a twist of imagination there, and BAM!

All YOU need to do is sit back and watch your subscriptions, follows, sales, and engagements climb.

And crazy, little ol’ me? I’m a champion storyteller.

(Oh, and, yeah, Tonks. I’ll get to that)

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Tonks's face in a heart

You’re looking for more than champion writing, though. (I don’t blame you; everyone wants MORE these days) Who wants to pull teeth in their working relationships?

Why not savor laughter? A chance to sit back and relax? Trade favorite movie and book quotes without strange looks? (Marvel? DC? Star Wars? You’re in the right place!)

Or maybe you just want to spend quality screen time with the cutest feline Personal Assistant in the entire Universe? (She made me write that)

Projects with me are anything but dull. But you already figured that out. (And if you haven’t, our first video chat will clear things up)

Seriously, I dare you to make it through ONE meeting without cracking a smile. As happy as you’ll be with the work, the chance to shuck the trappings of worry and fret over the working relationship is TWICE what you’ll get from the copy and content!

And, honestly, can you resist THAT face?

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Let’s dive into your company’s origin story and craft a new plotline. Drop me a line. I’ll start brainstorming that project on your To-Do List, taking it OFF your plate. This IS the way (and if you search your feelings, you’ll see it’s true).

Come on – Tonks is waiting for your email!

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