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Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger.”

~Harley Quinn

Hi Lasers and Jellybeans!

You’ve stumbled on my little corner of the electronic world. This means you’re probably looking for quirky, dynamic, out-of-the-box writing. And you’re in the right place!

You can find everything you need below to direct you to the answers you seek. So pull up a chair – let’s get to know one another!


From magazines to book credits, you’ll find my major byline work (in my humble opinion, anyway) detailed in the Speech Bubble. Looking for my blogging work? Head to the Library!


Of course I consider my sense of humor and ability to work comic books and movies into EVERYTHING an asset. But don’t take MY word for it – check out the Witty Banter section to see what my clients think.


Looking for writing tips? Want to see how the Minions are doing? Or simply wondering what an antihero is? My AK blog feed contains all of the details!

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Who am I? A freelance science writer and blogger (to sum it up in a few short words) with an impressive background in animals and geek culture (not that I’m bragging or anything).

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