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Andria Kennedy

What? Not what you expected when you saw the words “freelance writer?” (As if we come from any one particular “type”) I honestly can’t say what anyone would expect when they see I write and end up managed by a 10-pound feline demon. (She may be a flerken; we’re still conducting experiments)

But maybe you – like me – have a weird streak. A touch of strangeness. A slight twist of INTERESTING that makes you unique and FUN.

Excellent! We’re destined to be friends!

Let me guess:

  1. You contemplate whether aliens are an equal mix of adorable and deadly.
  2. Those horrific AI tools NEVER cross your mind; you’re committed to human sources of art and creativity.
  3. You spent childhood car trips staring out the window and fantasizing about imaginary worlds just past the window.
  4. The words “impossible,” “inconceivable,” and “outlandish” don’t exist in your vocabulary.
  5. You’re a HUGE fan of Tonks.
BioTech, Health Tech, Mental Health, Outdoors, Pets, and Veterinary fields - none are a problem for this Virginia freelance content writer

I knew it! We’re completely sympatico!

And you’ve come to the right place for award-winning storytelling. Or insightful essays. Or even well-rounded reporting. (My writing brain is super-flexible)

(Oh, and, yeah, Tonks. I’ll get to her)

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Tonks is the personal assistant feline to the best Virginia freelance content writer

Not Your Average Freelance Writer

During my time as a freelance copywriter, I produced over FIVE HUNDRED blog posts, content pieces, and downloadables!

(I know – prolific, right?)

From pet-related content (okay, there’s A LOT of pet-writing) to literature research and even deep science dives, I threw my sentence and grammar know-how into crafting brilliant writing for delighted clients. Talk about WORK!

Luckily, I had the cutest feline Personal Assistant in the entire Universe at my side. (She made me write that)

But MY writing – the ideas and stories swirling around in my brain – had to take a backseat the entire time. Can’t exactly tell a client, “Do you mind extending my deadline a few weeks? I just got a killer short story idea!” So I had to make a decision:

Keep churning out top-quality work for everyone else, or focus my time on the writing I loved.

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(Okay, so it wasn’t a TOUGH decision)

I’m now – after an undisclosed number of years – writing FULL-TIME!

And, yes, Tonks continues to supervise every tap of the keys.

If you’re curious about my process, want to ask about any of my published work, or simply have a question about writing in general, drop me a line. I’m happy to answer whatever I can.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading! (I promise, there’s more to come!)

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Working with Andria has been an absolute pleasure. I first met Andria through a creative email she sent introducing herself and her writing services, and I decided to take a chance! Andria’s in-clinic vet med experience coupled with her high-quality writing is exactly what I needed to support my content marketing strategy at PetDesk. From pet health blogs to more complex vet med business topics, Andria has tackled them all with ease and sent back content that fulfilled exactly what I needed. I look forward to working with Andria more in 2023 and beyond!

Judie Vegh of PetDesk

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Andria is a fantastic writer, always on time, and delivers great articles. Hire with confidence!

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