Andria Kennedy: Freelance Writer

Andria Kennedy

Hi, Lasers and Jellybeans!

What led you here? Let me take a few guesses:

  1. You’re in the BioTech, Education, HealthTech, Mental Health, Outdoor Tech, Pet, or Science industries.
  2. You’re struggling to translate the scientific terminology and technical specs on your site copy into everyday language.
  3. You want to connect with your visitors to boost engagement, increase subscriptions, and enhance understanding of your products.
  4. The current words on your site or blog leave visitors and potential customers confused, prompting them to click away.
  5. You want to meet Tonks.

Sound about right? Good thing the AK Signal led you here. (It’s so much cuter than the Bat Signal)

What catches and retains the attention span of site visitors and customers when you work in science fields? Quips, well-placed puns (yes, PUNS!), and geeky pop culture references. You want a connection with your target audience that proves you understand their frame of mind. (And that means staying current on Marvel, DC, and Star Wars) Hook them with laughter and language they comprehend. Then reel them in to learn more, engage, subscribe, and follow.

People will retain everything, see how it applies to THEIR life, and come back hungry for more (think zombie hoard – minus the desire for brains).

Sounds epic, right? You need someone to take the task of that brilliant copy, content, and blogging OFF your To-Do List. And you want escalating subscription, engagement, and sales numbers.

I’m the freelance writer with the insane skills for the job.

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Courtesy of ten years in the veterinary field, I understand technology, pharmacology, and biological systems. I know how to break things down into terms, phrases, and explanations the average person understands. Throw in over eight years of volunteer experience in the zoo arena, and you’re getting bonus knowledge on how to draw people in and get them talking.

You want that spark of innate curiosity to get people engaged. More importantly, you want language and interest that gets visitors coming back over and over. (Always leave them wanting more!)

So let’s get to work! Everything you need to know about working with me pops up throughout the Antihero Kreative home:

  • Want to see my porfolio? Follow the secret passage to the Library.
  • Interested in perusing my background? Read through my Bio.
  • Curious about what past clients have to say? Witty Banter contains allow of their testimonials.

Or you can jump straight to emailing me! Let’s set up an interview to get our brilliant working relationship started. (You know you’re curious. Or you’re determined to see Tonks; it’s a 50:50 chance at this point)

You’re looking for a working relationship packed with creativity and fresh insight – and the occasional quote from books, movies, and television shows. (This is a safe geek space)

The scientific world gets a reputation for being formal and stilted; let’s change up the dialogue. You deserve copy and content that breaks that fourth wall – in all the best ways.

Let’s combine our genius. Slide the details of your project needs my way so we can start collaborating on a brilliant plan to boost your site engagement.

(And, don’t worry, you’ll get to meet Tonks. She insists on supervising EVERYTHING)

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Andria is a fantastic writer, always on time, and delivers great articles. Hire with confidence!

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EXCELLENT writer and freelancer. As Andria’s profile says, ‘anyone can write.’ But not everyone can write with the wit, clarity, uniqueness, and fun that Andria brings to the writing. Add to that the communication about the project was clear, the project specifications were met perfectly, and the writing was delivered ahead of schedule. Without a doubt, would love, love, love to work with this freelancer again. Highly recommend.

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