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The average Star Wars fan doesn’t worry how lightspeed works. They recognize the sights and sounds associated with the (theoretical) concept, and that’s enough.

However, you CAN take their interest in faster-than-light travel and direct it toward space exploration, particle physics, or even a discussion of wormholes. You just need to use the correct language.

Solid copy and content do the trick. You want a writer who looks at a topic and breaks it down into concepts and ideas the average person can comprehend.

In my experience, humor and geek culture provide the perfect bridge. It’s worked repeatedly, drawing people closer and closer to figure out WHY I’ve thrown out a mention of Skynet or Darth Vader. (Darth Vader always works, by the way. Who doesn’t want to know more about Darth Vader?)

You’re looking for results comparable to this:

Example of Bone & Yarn content writing results

A second-page Google ranking for a product? By a site that ISN’T a vendor or ad? That’s the work of quality content writing.

(Note: I performed the search in October when EVERYONE decided to hunt for costumes. During the summer, the content ranked page ONE.)

You want content and copy that garners subscriptions, likes, shares, and sales. (And, of course, top rankings on Google)

Ensuring everyone understands the language and information you present gets you the solutions you’re looking for. That’s the work of clear, concise, and FUN content. The kind of work you get when you collaborate with an evil genius such as myself. (Whoops, meant to leave the “evil” part out)

Your plate’s full of brilliance already. So slide the details of your project onto my desk, and let’s collaborate on that genius plan. In no time, we’ll boost site engagement, garner new subscriptions, and increase sales.

Then all you need to decide is whether you want a blue lightsaber or red. (Everyone knows purple is reserved for Samuel L. Jackson)

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Andria Kennedy Content and Copywriting Portfolio

Content and copywriting make up the bulk of my work – and I do mean BULK. If you’d like to see additional clips, feel free to dash me an email. I’m happy to provide the links.

If you’re looking for blogs to intersect with your content, no problem! I’ve got you covered for ALL of your writing concerns.

And if you’re curious how these clients felt working alongside me? Jump over to Witty Banter. You’ll find the answer among the testimonials.

Fish Tank Advisor logo

Fish Tank Advisor

Pet Advisers logo

Pet Advisers

  • September 2021
  • Mission Objective: Increase content library
  • Skills Utilized: SEO, Research
  • Google updated their expectations for sites. Fresh content matters, but so does what you add to your content. Isaac offered me a chance to play with the FAQ requirement. Not random questions, either; actual thoughts a person may find themselves asking.

Bone & Yarn logo

Bone & Yarn

Aquarist Life logo

Aquarist Life

Personal Website

  • April 2021
  • Mission Objective: Brand creation
  • Skills Utilized: Interview, Research, Ghostwriting
  • Ghostwriting content comes standard for writers. Ghostwriting for magazine articles doesn’t take TOO much extra work. Tackling a personal site, in the tone and voice of that individual? That’s a challenge. Hill exercised my interview skills as I sought the precise details I needed to create her personal brand image.
  • Incidentally, this is the only time I’ve reduced a client to tears. (HAPPY tears!)

Bidwell Hollow logo

Bidwell Hollow Literary Newsletter

Pawtracks logo


VIS logo

Veterinary Integration Solutions

  • September-November 2020
  • Mission Objective: Brand awareness
  • Skills Utilized: SEO, Research, Self-Editing, Ghostwriting
  • VIS champions the concern of veterinary burnout. They endeavor to put forth the mission of their service with every piece they write, whether through a blog post or other publications. Every writer needs to experience ghostwriting – REAL ghostwriting – at least once. Discerning nuance of tone, finding the rhythm of speech, and honing in on language choices teaches you tricks you can use down the road. I appreciate Dr. Zak giving me the chance to refine my skills.
  • The two additional assignments for this client appear in Speech Bubble under the magazine header.

Pawing My Way Home Rescue logo

Pawing My Way Home Rescue

  • July-August 2020
  • Mission Objective: Brand awareness
  • Skills Utilized: Editing, Research
  • Solid content can accomplish anything. Whether that means sales, visitor engagement, or the adoption and/or foster of a dog. Sara asked me to rework the “About Us” copy and profiles for several of their fosters. How could an animal-lover refuse?

Freshwater Central logo

Freshwater Central

  • April-June 2020
  • Mission Objective: Increase content library
  • Skills Utilized: SEO, Research, Self-Editing, Source stock imagery, Ghostwriting
  • Attempting to fill your site with material alone? That’s a daunting proposition. Freelancers offer a unique service by taking that work OFF your plate. Of course, I never imagined the difficulty you can encounter tracking down stock images. Sometimes, you need to get downright creative with search terms.
  • I received a bonus for the work I completed on the 100 Popular Fish article, exceeding the expectations of the client.

Pet Pet Goose logo

Pet Pet Goose

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Your Content or Copywriting Needs

Are your wheels turning? Seeing how I could enhance that content project you’ve left boiling on the back burner?

Well, let’s get to work! Slide the details of your project my way, and let’s collaborate on a brilliant plan to boost site engagement, increase visitor traffic, and escalate those subscriptions!