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Working with Andria Kennedy meant working with a brilliant freelance writer who knew how to capture attention

Star Wars fans don’t care how Lightspeed works. And lightsabers? Yes, they want one (who wouldn’t?), but breaking down the physics and engineering behind plasma doesn’t top their reading habits. People recognize the sights and sounds associated with the (theoretical) concepts and decide they’re satisfied. They don’t get lost in drawn-out copy delving into boring scientific details you need twelve years of Physics to understand.

However, what EXCEPTIONAL copy does is take someone’s interest in FTL travel and steer it toward space exploration, particle physics, or wormholes. The best content takes a visitor’s longing for a plasma sword and shifts it toward electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and even nanotechnology (I’m thinking of Hacksmith Industries).

How a writer assembles their words – the STORIES they tell – determines the engagement gained for a company’s visitors. And stellar content (yes, pun intended) starts that journey.

Because if the sentences and words slung around are ho-hum and droll, no one drops by.

A Unique Spin on Copy

In my experience, humor and geek references worked as ideal tactics. They allowed me to break down complex concepts and details into ideas ANYONE could comprehend. And those tools generated natural curiosity. WHY was someone talking about Skynet? Or Darth Vader? (Darth Vader ALWAYS worked, by the way. Who doesn’t love Darth Vader?)

This freelance writer knows solid copy needs a bit of a light saber polish

My content and copy stood out from the crowd, earning a client a #4 in Google Ranks! Amid vendors and ads (sites that PAY for such privileges), that was a significant achievement. First-page Google results put their page in front of reader eyeballs.

That translated into views, likes, shares, subscriptions, and even SALES.

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I have additional content and copywriting material (in raw form), if you’d like to take a peek. (If you stopped by my Blog page, you know not every client gives public dissemination approval) Send a message my way, and I’ll get the PDF out to you.

And, of course, make sure you scope out the rest of the Library shelves. There’s PLENTY of great writing for your to read and admire!