Full Bio: Andria Kennedy

Andria Kennedy (and Tonks)
Me (with Tonks – Of course)

Welcome to the World of My Quirky Mind

So you might have guessed the following already: I’m a freelance writer. I specialize in BioTech, HealthTech, mental health, outdoor tech, pets, and science. When it comes to setting words in place, I work within the frames of blogs, content, and copy (but if you’re interested, I’m fearless where the written word’s concerned)

I have a penchant for the characters not everyone embraces (You won’t find many superheroes here). And I’m a touch off-center (okay, WAY off) – a trait I work into in my writing. If you feel like an underdog, resonate with the geeks of the world, or enjoy a good pun, we’ll get along smashingly.

Adding a touch of the out-of-the-ordinary is my specialty. That’s what gains customers’ attention and convinces them YOU’RE the retailer or voice of reason for them. And when you put a smile on their face? They remember take-aways – and come back for more.

In my spare time, I work on fantasy and science fiction writing (you’re probably not surprised). I also spend time with the Minions and my husband and add to the insane library taking over our house. We’re major fans of the outdoors, which takes on various forms. Sometimes we hit a favorite hiking trail (cat in a backpack and greyhound forging ahead). Other times we kayak out on a lake (no minions accompanied – yet).

I hold B.S. degrees (how ironic is that abbreviation?) in Marine Biology and Ecology and an A.S. in Veterinary Technology. So – as you already guessed – animals play a huge influence in my life and writing.

I’m a Mommy to three awesome cats – Firefly, Squeak, and Tonks – and one darling greyhound, Juniper. They love that I work from home, devoting plenty of time and attention to their wants and needs. And if you choose to work with me? You’ll get a chance to meet Tonks. (She appointed herself my Personal Assistant)

Samples of My Writing

Want to check out my work? The Library contains clips of my copy and content writing. Or you can hit up Speech Bubble for my book, journal, and magazine clips.

My Background

Veterinary Medicine
I worked as a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the specialties of Emergency and Cardiology. That means medical knowledge in both, as well as the attendant nursing skills.

I can’t lie: this was my favorite position in the world. I pitched in around the Animal Department at the Philadelphia Zoo. I also volunteered at the Children’s Zoo, the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C., and the Virginia Living Museum in Hampton Roads. I understand the workings of the zoological field and how to educate and interact with the general public (all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds).

Environmental Engineering/Hazard Preparedness
Focusing on military contracts for oil and hazardous response, I reviewed and updated the plans, ensuring compliance with military and EPA regulations. This involved site visits and consultations concerning the latest regs and advances in the field.

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