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Welcome to the World of My Quirky Mind

Arriving here, you already know the following: I’m a freelance writer, I have a penchant for the characters not everyone embraces, and I’m a little off-center – a trait I imbue in my writing (both the non-fiction and fiction).

Technically, I was writing stories before I could speak, but for the sake of reality, I started freelancing March 2020. I have a partiality for blog posts, articles, and editing. I also aim for more of the out-of-the-ordinary blogs and magazines. I am crazy for detail, dedicated to deadlines, and committed to adding my twist of personality to each piece. In my spare time, I work on my fantasy and science fiction writing.

I hold B.S. degrees (how ironic is that abbreviation?) in Marine Biology and Ecology, and an A.S. in Veterinary Technology. Needless to say, animals are a huge influence in my life and writing. I am a “Mommy” to three awesome cats – Firefly, Squeak, and Tonks – and one darling greyhound, Juniper. They all appreciate that Mommy works from home where she can devote plenty of time and attention to their wants and needs.

Samples of My Writing

If you’re interested in viewing samples of my writing, please refer to The Library or Speech Bubble.

My Background

Veterinary Medicine
I worked as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, primarily in the specialties of Emergency and Cardiology. I have medical knowledge in those fields, as well as nursing skills.

I worked in the Animal Department at the Philadelphia Zoo, as well as volunteering at the Children’s Zoo. I also volunteered at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. and the Virginia Living Museum in Hampton Roads. I understand the workings of the zoological field, as well as how to educate and interact with the general public (all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds).

Environmental Engineering/Hazard Preparedness
I worked with military contracts on oil and hazardous response plans, insuring compliance with both military and EPA regulations.

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