Andria Kennedy

About Andria Kennedy: Virginia Freelance Content Writer

Who is Andria Kennedy?

Me! A freelance content writer and copyeditor from Virginia, applying her storytelling gift to the fields of invisible illness, mental health, outdoors, pets, science, and veterinary medicine.

Blah, blah, blah.

You already figured that out. (And since YOU operate in those universes, we both know you’re insanely clever)

Andria Kennedy - Virginia Freelance Content Writer - signing a copy of a book featuring one of her personal essays

You came here scouting around because you’re tired of sinister robots, evil minions (other than Tonks), and Doomsday Switches that could spell disaster for an otherwise blissful working relationship.

OR you’re looking for the details that set me apart from other freelance writers.

You know, besides the colored hair, tattoos, and abundant puns and geek culture references.

Don’t worry; I’m here to reassure you – on both counts. (Just give me a few seconds to shove those robots into the back corner of the Evil Lair)

Andria Kennedy: Total Weirdo

Andria Kennedy - Virginia freelance content writer - on a scuba dive with a zebra shark

Yes, I’m a touch off-center.

Okay, WAY off-center.

I seek out and embrace characters other people overlook. It’s a trait that extends to championing underdogs and voices that go unheard. Such as the neurodivergent, the “not cute” (I defy you to describe that zebra shark swimming past me as anything less than adorable), and the misunderstood. Those that need the strongest stories? I supply the heroic details.

Gravitating towards the out-of-the-ordinary means your projects never suffer from yawns or “Next!” click-throughs.

People love what they’ve never encountered – even if they don’t admit it. (You know my weirdness got you this far) And once you snag visitors with a grin, you gain their attention for a span of hours, days, and weeks. Then it takes NOTHING to hook them with even more detail and information.

Before they know what’s happened, they’re DEVOURING content, subscribing to newsletters, and coming back to your site, begging for MORE.

Andria Kennedy: Consumate Professional

My work ethic? That stays on target. (I couldn’t resist) You’ll know exactly where your project’s tasks stand at any given moment.

I’m a fiend when it comes to organization. That translates to redundant schedules for ME and a handy interface for YOU.

Want to set up an extra meeting to check on how things are progressing? No problem.

Your Virginia freelance content writer scoring a bullseye at axe-throwing

Feel like reviewing a draft? I don’t mind one bit.

Our working relationship is a collaboration. We’ll hammer out EVERY detail, ensuring no one’s anxious or confused. And my lines of communication remain open (within reason – no midnight phone calls) should you need to reach out.

Am I a bit odd? Sure. But am I also a professional who respects deadlines, guidelines, and editorial input?

I didn’t get this far as a freelancer for nothing!

Antihero Kreative

I started Antihero Kreative in 2020. And – since I know you’re DYING to find out – “Anti” combines my name with my husband’s. Also, antiheroes are my favorite literary device (and comic book characters). Throw in a “K” for my last name, and you get the genius that is Antihero Kreative. (I refuse to sacrifice a good pun)

Building on ten years as a veterinary technician, X years (a lot – it’s A LOT) warring with anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia, and I started writing blogs, content, and copy. (Animals AND a medical background? Who doesn’t want to capitalize on that?) I’ve never looked back. Who would? Not everyone gets to “work” their dream job!

Scope out my portfolio for my clips. (You know you’re curious) Or, if you’re interested, run through my publication credits.

You guessed it – I bring something for every discerning client.

All the Rest

Ask my parents, and they’re not surprised to find me writing. They expected this (logical) result from the beginning. So did every teacher. (It’s probably a sign when you win a national essay contest in second grade)

Even the best Virginia freelance content writers need to spend time enjoying the local outdoor events

But you won’t find an English or Journalism degree on my shelf.

Nope: Try Marine Biology and Ecology. (Don’t worry, everyone’s as surprised as you) Cum Laude from Florida Tech. That’s where I learned to scuba dive, discovering the excessive levels of saltwater in my veins. (If you’ve never taken a lesson, there’s nothing I recommend more)

Of course, I DID go back to college. Summa Cum Laude from Harcum College – in Veterinary Technology. (Oops) But everything’s an experience, right? And focusing my education on caring for animals made sense to me. (I regret nothing. Okay, maybe the cost of higher education)

And while Tonks claims the spotlight, she’s NOT the only kiddo in the household. The other Minions include three cats (Firefly, Squeak, and Ekko) and one greyhound (Juniper). They ensure life is never dull – and hog most of the attention on social media.

During downtime, my husband and I enjoy kayaking and hiking. We’ve also braved the local ropes course (to the amusement of the bystanders). My new goal is to convince him to get dive-certified (we’ll see how that goes).

And when I’m not working on YOUR next project? I pen fantasy and sci-fi short stories and novels. Because as a storyteller? Yeah, I always feel a compulsion to write. It’s in my blood…and brain.