Andria Kennedy

Who is Andria Kennedy?

Me! A freelance writer living in Virginia and applying her storytelling gift to personal essays, short stories, flash fiction, and novels.

Blah, blah, blah.

You already figured that out. (Mostly)

Andria Kennedy - Virginia Freelance Content Writer - signing a copy of a book featuring one of her personal essays

You’re looking for details on the crazy person behind the colored hair, tattoos, and abundant puns and geek culture references. Or you’re scouting around because you suspect I have a cache of sinister robots, evil minions (other than Tonks), and Doomsday Switches.

(I can neither confirm nor deny the truth of that concern)

Allow me to clear things up for you. (Just give me a few seconds to shove some robots into the back corner of the Evil Lair)

Andria Kennedy: Total Weirdo

Yes, I’m a touch off-center.

Andria Kennedy - Virginia freelance content writer - on a scuba dive with a zebra shark

Okay, WAY off-center. (I’m not even sure where the center is anymore)

I create and embrace characters other people overlook. It’s a trait that extends to championing underdogs and voices that go unheard. Such as the neurodivergent, the “not cute” (I defy you to describe that zebra shark swimming past me as anything less than adorable), and the misunderstood. Those that need the strongest stories? I supply the heroic details.

People love what they’ve never encountered – even if they don’t admit it. (Admit it: My weirdness got you to read this far) And that’s where my twisted imagination takes me. Whether it’s building a new universe or crafting a creature evolution never dreamed of, my brain is always moving on to the next crazy idea.

Andria Kennedy: Continual Student

My urge to learn and grow stays on target. (I couldn’t resist) So while my writing is polished (NOT a humble brag), I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve.

Workshops, mentorships, courses; I’m not afraid to stand up and confess that “I don’t know everything.” It’s what keeps my writing evolving!

Your Virginia freelance content writer scoring a bullseye at axe-throwing

To date, here are the classes I’ve participated in:

Antihero Kreative

I started Antihero Kreative in 2020. And – since I know you’re DYING to find out – “Anti” combines my name with my husband’s. Also, antiheroes are my favorite literary device (and comic book characters). Throw in a “K” for my last name, and you get the genius that is Antihero Kreative. (I can’t resist a good pun)

Building on ten years as a veterinary technician, X number of years (a lot – it’s A LOT) warring with anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia, I started writing blogs, content, and copy. And I’ve never looked back.

Who would? Not everyone gets to “work” their dream job!

And if you’re curious about how the process is going, scope out my freelance portfolio for my clips. Or run through my publication credits and really blow your mind!

The AK Team

Obviously, I can’t run everything on my own. (I mean, I probably CAN, but the Minions have declared otherwise) Good thing I have a crack crew working behind the scenes to keep me sane!

(Or, you know, something like that)

Tonks serves as the Personal Assistant to Andria Kennedy (Not officially on the payroll of Antihero Kreative)

Personal Assistant

Everyone knows – and loves – Tonks.

She appointed herself my Assistant Day One. And she continues to supervise all aspects of my writing to this day. Usually from her chair (yes, she has one), but more often than not from mine.


Ekko learned everything about managing a writer from Tonks.

Except how to sit on the cat chair. He prefers to sprawl in front of my keyboard.

At least he doesn’t park himself in front of the camera during Zoom calls like someone else I could mention.

Ekko is the permanent Intern for Andria Kennedy
Clea is the newest member of Antihero Kreative

Junior Intern

Clea took no time jumping into the writing world. (I’m not actually sure anyone trained her)

We’re still ironing out the rules for when it’s okay to interrupt the writing process. She’s a smart cookie, though, so I don’t anticipate any problems.


Juniper isn’t particularly interested in writing – except when it involves people on Zoom complimenting “the cute dog.”

However, she is a big fan of listening to music and keys tapping. So she drifts in and out of the office. Mostly so she can sigh over her “difficult” life.

Juniper divides her time between the AK office and the other home office in the house
Squeak is the most senior member of the Andria Kennedy team

Office Morale

Squeak prefers to support operations from the comfort of his bed. It isn’t that he doesn’t love my work (of course he does!). He just has important napping to do.

He still lifts his head and “meeps” a cheery note whenever I walk by.

The Rest

Ask my parents, and they’re not surprised to find me writing. They expected this (logical) result from the beginning. So did every teacher. (It’s probably a sign when you win a national essay contest in second grade)

But you won’t find an English or Journalism degree made out to “Andria Kennedy” on my shelf.

Nope: Try Marine Biology and Ecology. (Don’t worry, everyone’s as surprised as you) Cum Laude from Florida Tech. That’s where I learned to scuba dive, discovering the excessive levels of saltwater in my veins. (If you’ve never taken a lesson, there’s nothing I recommend more

At Zoolumination 2021

Of course, I DID go back to college. Summa Cum Laude from Harcum College – in Veterinary Technology. (Oops) But everything’s an experience, right? And focusing my education on caring for animals made sense to me. (I regret nothing. Okay, maybe the cost of higher education)

When I’m NOT writing, my husband and I enjoy kayaking and hiking. We’ve also braved the local ropes course (to the amusement of the bystanders). My new goal is to convince him to get dive-certified so we can take our adventures under the water (we’ll see how that goes).