Star Trek Disease

What are you supposed to worry about when you write? Spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And everyone learns these tools in school (in theory). Yet you constantly find pieces of work that DON’T use them. And one of the biggest issues? COMMAS! Commas that appear where they don’t belong, and commas that DON’T show up. So let’s discuss this little mark. … Read on…Star Trek Disease

Broadening Your Brain Pool

Everyone knows reading and writing go hand-in-hand. And the majority of writers read the genre they write. It keeps you current on what’s happening in publishing, fuels fresh ideas, and lets you live in the worlds that keep you happiest. But you can’t overlook another important section in the bookstore if you want to keep your writing sharp. And the answer will probably surprise you. … Read on…Broadening Your Brain Pool

The Melting Pot

More than ever, writers have a duty to reflect the world around us. That means opening our eyes and acknowledging the diversity we live in. But we have to do it properly. You can’t simply assign random tags to characters and expect a warm reception. There’s a “right” way to handle integrating diversity into your writing – and about a hundred WRONG ways to do it. … Read on…The Melting Pot

“Who Writes Your Story?”

There’s a popular writing “rule” that states, “you can’t save the world.” It refers to the theme of your work. You’re not supposed to set out to write the Great American Novel in the sense of changing EVERYTHING. It’s not possible. Choosing a theme that means something to YOU, though. That’s in the realms of possibility. … Read on…“Who Writes Your Story?”