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Welcome to my blog publishing credits! (And you thought I used the occupation “writer” to sound fancy) These are contractual publications, listed with the permission of the clients. (I have completed additional work, but I don’t have permission to share those pieces) And if you’re looking for my magazine and book publications? You need to head over to Speech Bubble.

If you’re interested in seeing my range of work, this is a perfect demonstration. My tone and style remain consistent (once a geek, always a geek), but my audience varies. I’ve divided The Library between contracts I’m actively working with and those I’ve closed out.

Looking for testimonials? They have a handy page of their own for ease of reading and navigation. (Plus, they look much shinier by themselves!)

Current Work


May 2021-Current

An aquarium site where I have a byline! (I know, super crazy) Most of my aquarium work ends up on the ghostwriting side, so this job turned up as a pleasant surprise. It also chalks up a couple other firsts:

  1. The client sought me out through my LinkedIn profile.
  2. I started with the site from the ground up.

Not too shabby! I’ll refer you to my Author Page, for simplicity.

Hooked on Nerdy

August 2020-Current

An example of an editing job (and one of the trickiest). Yes, the shop owner is my sister. She tasked me with editing her crochet patterns. Interesting work as I need to reference proper crochet lingo to make sure I do the work properly. I also edited the text of the Etsy shop for her. As she continues to develop her patterns, I pitch in on the edits. Not a bad gig, if I say so myself.

Completed Work

Bone & Yarn

June 2020-June 2021

My first contract featuring a byline! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my name associated with my work. My articles for Bone & Yarn included both informational articles and product reviews (my first foray into that realm). As I was a regular contributor for Bone & Yarn, it’s easier to refer you to my Author page.

Meows ‘N’ Paws

February 2021

Okay, so my original hopes were for a steady gig writing articles on pocket pets. In freelancing, things don’t always work out. Doesn’t mean I didn’t get a bylined article out of the “audition” process, though!

Bidwell Hollow Literary Newsletter

October 2020-April 2021

I was a regular contributor to the “This Week in Literary History” section of the Bidwell Hollow Literary Newsletter. It wasn’t a complete diversion for me, considering I live in the writing world. Besides, stretching my brain in a different direction was good for the neurons. Plus, it was another byline credit, and those always make a freelancer feel good.


October-December 2020

What can I say? Most of my background happens to be with animals. (Writing what you know is never a bad thing) This little milestone represented my first non-Upwork position. Most of the articles went under my Author page. However, not all of them showed up; there was one outlier:

Freshwater Central

April-June 2020

I haven’t always been able to put my Marine Biology degree to work, so this contract was a treat. I REALLY put my search skills to work finding the stock images. It turns out, finding fish isn’t as easy as I thought!


April 2020

These two articles were the first official pieces I wrote as a freelancer. I can’t help but be proud of them, considering they were the first time someone paid me as a writer.

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