The Library

Freelance writers always need a portfolio. But instead of a boring old binder stuffed with fading newspaper clippings, though, I decided my portfolio deserved an impressive LIBRARY.

Complete with a magic SECRET PORTAL.

(Okay, so it was my excuse to incorporate a fancy glowing portal a’la Dr. Strange to make everything look fancy. You know by now I’m an odd one)

Suffice it to say you’ve stumbled on my blogging, content, copywriting, and downloadable clips. A paper-free, sortable, and skimmable portfolio for your reading pleasure. And you don’t even need to pick out the extra cat hair Tonks likes to add to everything.

(Though, really, she possesses the softest fur – just saying)

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This freelance writer was a blogging superhero


Blogs make the world go round (supposedly, anyway). If a company failed to prepare one, it didn’t stand much chance of encouraging visitors or engagement. That’s where I came in. Armed with SEO knowledge (and WAY too much keyword research), I churned out more blogs than I can count (just kidding – we’re talking over 300).

Content and Copy

Content and copy stepped up to engage site visitors, connecting with their personal stories and emotions. It was designed to get people to subscribe to newsletters, email updates, and social media feeds. And it proved to be some of the most fun writing I tackled. Because it required WORK.

As a freelance content writer, Andria Kennedy created the excitement of a certain space-themed franchise

I used the perfect razzle-dazzle to draw them in – a Jedi Mind Trick in written form.

No gimmicky nonsense or repetitive jargon, and definitely NOT the repetitive nonsense churned out by AI generators; just human-crafted humor and cheek to catch the eye and encourage a second look.

When it comes to education downloadables, this freelance writer proved her genius!

Education Materials

People love downloadables!

Yes, even the tech age where everything’s accessible at our fingertips. It’s the notion of a freebie that gets people excited. Forms, templates, brochures, certificates – if my clients could dream it, I could produce it. And usually exceed their expectations!

From presentations to the humble pamphlet, education materials provided that extra bit of whipped cream and sprinkles (And chocolate sauce…and a cherry…and chopped walnuts…and…) every company needed.

Crazy Brilliant

Of course, my writing “chops” don’t end there. The Library simply contains my portfolio of client-based work. There’s also my collection of publications ready for your perusal.

We’re talking short stories, essays, articles, and even satire! (I’m humble in my well-roundedness)

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So what are you waiting for? Choose the portfolio of interest and start reading. You won’t be disappointed!