The Library

Now, that wasn’t a difficult passage to navigate, was it? (Unlike some superheroes we could mention *cough, cough* Batman). Within the walls of The Library, you’ll find the clips of my blogging, content, and copywriting work. Also known as the bread and butter of the business!

Er, Tonks asks that I change that to catnip and canned food.

Are you looking for blog posts that encourage readers to comment, like, and share? Or maybe you want lively posts that encourage people to learn more about a new wearable or service you plan to roll out in a few months? Wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC if your customers understood the intricate details before Buy Now buttons showed up on the site?

Or do you find yourself will low visits to the site? People love everything you do – once they understand what’s going on. Unfortunately, the copy available leaves them confused, bored, or unimpressed. You’re looking to break out the razzle-dazzle and lightsaber show everyone secretly craves. (Don’t worry – I come complete with Empire Insurance. Or is that Alliance Insurance? I should double-check my policy)

Your schedule’s PACKED. You’re busy discovering the latest work of genius to share with customers. Finding time to pick and choose the best way to describe the breakthrough? Yeah, that’s not in the cards. You want someone who can read the specs, comb through the research, and deliver on the deadline.

Time to beam over the details on that project. I’ll get your brilliant plan in the works before you know it!

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The Library: Blogging

Blogging Header

Blogs play an import role for any company. You build suspense prior to a product launch. Deep dives encourage customers to learn more about related topics. Or you can create empathy as you share common interest stories. Finding the perfect narrative voice – not to mention ideas for fresh content – are the biggest keys.

The Library: Editing

Editing Header

What makes a solid writer? The ability to self-edit. Extend the skill further, and you get someone accomplished at refining other people’s work. Editing often adds the final polish to any work: copy, content, blogs – you name it.

The Library: Content and Copywriting

Content and Copywriting Header

Content and copywriting are incredibly versatile. With the right word, a perfect pun, or a reference everyone understands, you catch the eye. The same tools work whenever you need to take the technical, detailed, or complicated and explain them to the average visitor. And my toolbox? Yeah, it’s overflowing with ideas.