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My name is Andria Kennedy, and I’m a freelance pet blogger, creative content writer, and ghostwriter – as well as a science fiction and fantasy writer. I’m also a shameless geek (I know, you couldn’t tell) – and a firm believer that all of the writers in those categories are, as well. (Of course, most of us have no problem admitting to the fact)

I started making up stories before I ever held a writing instrument in my hand, and it’s the one thing I can honestly say I’ve never stopped doing. Writing and storytelling make me happy and keep me as close to sane as I’m ever going to get (I can hear you snickering in the back). It’s the one thing I always knew I wanted to do. I HAVE worked several other jobs, but I never stopped writing in my free time. So when I hit a crossroads in the winter of 2020 (and with some “gentle” shoving from friends), I realized it was time to stop giving it the backseat and bring it into the spotlight.

Ta-Dah! Antihero Kreative was born!

This is the brainchild of my writing knowledge (and learning mistakes) as a writer. I can promise laughter, I can promise geek-references, I can promise to answer any questions you may have, and I can promise to share the bumps, pitfalls, mountains, out-right chasms, and boo-boos of my freelance writing journey (I am never without band-aids). Each post will fall into one of the following categories to help you navigate the fun that is my brain:

  • Arkham: If writing were fun and easy, everyone would do it. But the truth is most of it involves staring at a keyboard while banging your head repeatedly against a wall and pleading with characters to behave. It falls somewhere between fun and torture, and we need a way to restore our sanity closer to…well, closer to not landing in an actual institution. That’s where these posts come in.
  • Bag of Tricks: You need a pencil and a piece of paper – DONE. Just kidding. Technology has done everything to benefit the writer, if we choose to embrace it. There are a lot of tools out there – some more beneficial than others.
  • Brain Break: And you thought school was over (or maybe, for you, it’s not, but you’re supposed to be paying attention to it). Guess what – SCHOOL IS NEVER OVER! Do you know what an antihero is? Where do you weigh in on the Oxford comma? Is cursive a dead language? We’re gonna talk about all of it!
  • Coming Attractions: Snippets of my own work that I am particularly pleased with (probably in the heat of the moment – don’t get attached to them).
  • The Dead Pool: Writers cannot live on writing alone (trust me, I’ve tried). This means we have to take care of our health AWAY from the desk and computer (put the laptop DOWN!), and these posts cover that topic.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam: This category encompasses the random posts I didn’t feel fit anywhere else, such as perspectives on being a reader versus a writer (you have to be both), general observations around me that I feel like sharing, or tidbits I pick up and want to post.
  • HQ: Welcome to home base. Being a freelance writer (and a writer, in general) means working from home, so I’m always around my family, and things will inevitably get shared – lucky you!
  • Level Up: Everyone likes to get excited about milestones, and they like to share them…or so I’ve been told. This is me learning to do that.
  • Lightning Strike: Any writer will tell you that inspiration can come from literally anywhere, and these posts will prove that. Note for legal purposes: Under no circumstances am I advocating you get struck by lightning.
  • The Minions: Everyone gets excited about talking about their kids, and I’m no exception; it just happens that my kids have four feet.
  • Photo Bomb: I think this one is self-explanatory, but I will put in a slight disclaimer that I am not the photographer in the family.
  • Read or Die: I set annual Reading Challenges for myself on Goodreads, and as I finish each book, I post my reviews.
  • Told Ya So: Writers are readers, and there are some amazing quotes out there that beg to be shared.

Okay, excited yet? Because I am! I welcome everyone to the Antiheroes, and I can’t wait to get to know you!

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Nothing’s more important than finding ways to destress. And while your “flavor” may not always prove successful at that, nothing beats a rousing game night. You get laughter, shrieking, and comradery. It’s the perfect way to get together with family and friends – assuming you still have friends by the end of the night.

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