The Library: Downloadables

Can your company thrive on content alone? Well, sure. Plenty of people do. Engaging blogs – updated regularly – keep visitors clamoring for more. And a quirky presence on social media ensures you remain in front of everyone’s eyes, growing your followers.

But what if you crave MORE from your audience? A different level of engagement?

That’s where downloadables come in. Your faithful followers can use educational materials to peruse and read on their time. And they come in different forms:

  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Fliers
  • White papers
The freelancer content writer Andria Kennedy doesn't need an infinity gauntlet to create unbelievable downloadables for your company

If you can convert it into a PDF, it counts!

Downloadables for All!

The key to educational materials is one question: “Am I conveying information my reader wants?”

If you have their attention, they’ll happily hit that “Download Now” microcopy and save the downloadable to their device of choice. And when they love the storytelling skills? They’ll come looking for another publication! (Who doesn’t love repeat customers?)

I can take any topic and make it a joy to read. As evidenced by the second and even THIRD printings of brochures required to keep brochures in stock at a veterinary clinic!

If downloadables are on your list of MUST HAVE (and they should be!), then light up that AK signal. Let’s discuss what you’re looking for and start collaborating on how to get your educational materials in tip-top shape.

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I’m quite proud of my downloadable work. It takes time and energy to produce educational materials, and there’s nothing I love more than assembling that level of detail! Feel free to peruse and see if anything in this wing of the Library appeals to you.

And then drop me a line with your project needs!