The Library: Editing

Who DOESN’T wish they possessed Thanos’s glove? One quick snap and half of the terrible BLAH on the screen, wiped away! (We’ll overlook his impartiality idea and assume only the worst bits would disappear)

Unhappily, real life doesn’t work that way. So you see work sitting on your desk that could do with some tightening up. All the nuances and intricacies of grammar aren’t your forte, though. And you have better things to do (say, developing the equivalent of Thanos’s glove)

Not a problem!

I love digging into a piece and finding ways to improve sentence structure. Even if it takes more than a snap. It’s not the most common task that hits my desk, but when those projects arrive? I get results.

Want to see a few numbers? Take a look at the work I did for Saltwater Aquarium Blog (you’ll see more of my work for them on the Blogging page):

Saltwater Aquarium Blog editing example

I started with a blog post with low performance:

  1. I reviewed the text for spelling and grammar.
  2. Then I checked off more significant issues that often plague underperforming posts (titles, Table of Contents, headers, broken images, etc.).
  3. Throw in some fresh material to lengthen things (keeping Google happy), and it was ready for republication.

Improved metrics on edited post

The edits paid off when you look at the metrics. More site visitors clicked on the post, and they responded favorably to the changes.

This is the kind of editing work I LOVE. It’s instantly rewarding – for you AND me. A quick polish removes old, broken links and images, refines keywords, and improves navigation.

Visitors gain a fresh experience, sticking around for more prolonged engagement. And that improves your chances they’ll sign up for newsletters or subscriptions.

What do you think? Are you looking at the writing on your site, newsletter, or brochures and noticing room for improvement? (I don’t judge)

Then let’s collaborate on a plan to polish things to a gleaming, golden shine. You’ll marvel over how a few quick adjustments can bring visitors flocking your way! (We’re talking zombies chasing brains)

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Andria Kennedy Editing Portfolio

You’ve seen one example. But my eye for detail has come in handy for other clients, too:

Hooked on Nerdy logo

Hooked on Nerdy

  • August 2020-Current
  • Mission Objective: Edit and revise
  • Skills Utilized: Editing, Research
  • Nothing demands attention to detail in quite the manner of crochet patterns. I can’t thank Tamera enough for the challenge of learning an entirely new language.
  • Getting a glimpse into the background work of setting up an Etsy shop also added a fresh tool to my utility belt.

Research Paper

  • August 2020
  • Mission Objective: Edit and revise
  • Skills Utilized: Editing, Research, ALA, MLA
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a trip down memory lane? Reviewing a grad student’s research paper sent me back to my college days – complete with looming deadlines. No complaints, though, as I got the chance to brush off my research skills with a request to integrate fresh material as part of the editing brief.
  • You also can’t complain when you dust off the cobwebs on proper citation and reference formatting!
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Your Editing Needs

Naturally, I self-edit EVERYTHING I write (it’s a super-secret bonus to collaborating on projects with me). But if you feel the words on your written materials could do with an attack by a red pen, slide them my direction.

We’ll discuss the plan you have, and together we’ll concoct brilliance!