The Library

The Library: Content and Copywriting Portfolio for Andria Kennedy, Virginia Freelance Content Writer

Sure, you expect to see freelance writers tuck clips into a portfolio. Sounds so old school: Sturdy folders with fading newspaper pages tumbling out onto the floor. Or (worse) lingering ink stains on your fingers from poor-quality paper. Who wants THAT?

A LIBRARY, though? That has a fancy ring to it!

And if you throw in the fancy light show of a magic portal a’la Dr. Strange? Now we’re talking!

Okay, okay, so I’m short a sling ring. Suffice it to say you’ve stumbled on my blogging, content, and copywriting clips. Paper-free, sortable, and skimmable for your reading pleasure. You won’t even need to pick out the extra cat hair Tonks adds to everything.

(Though, really, she possesses the softest fur)


Blogs are magical devices that encourage visitors to spend time on your site. Interest and engagement percentages climb as people like, comment, and share the posts. And your source of ready topics? Only limited by the imagination. With the SEO knowledge at my fingertips, all YOU need to decide is how often you want a post to drop. Can’t get easier than that.

Content and Copy

You want content and copy that engages visitors, connecting with their personal stories and emotions. Then they’ll subscribe to newsletters, email updates, and social media feeds.