The Library

The Library: Content and Copywriting Portfolio for Andria Kennedy, Virginia Freelance Content Writer

Sure, you expect to see freelance writers tuck clips into a portfolio. Sounds so old school: Sturdy folders with fading newspaper pages tumbling out onto the floor. Or (worse) lingering ink stains on your fingers from poor-quality paper. Who wants THAT?

A LIBRARY, though? That has a fancy ring to it!

And if you throw in the fancy light show of a magic portal a’la Dr. Strange? Now we’re talking!

Okay, okay, so I’m short a sling ring. Suffice it to say you’ve stumbled on my blogging, content, and copywriting clips. Paper-free, sortable, and skimmable for your reading pleasure. You won’t even need to pick out the extra cat hair Tonks adds to everything.

(Though, really, she possesses the softest fur)

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This Virginia freelance content writer is a blogging superhero


Blogs are magical devices that encourage visitors to spend time on your site. Interest and engagement percentages climb as people like, comment, and share the posts. And your source of ready topics? Only limited by the imagination. With the SEO knowledge at my fingertips, all YOU need to decide is how often you want a post to drop. Can’t get easier than that.

Content and Copy

You want content and copy that engages visitors, connecting with their personal stories and emotions. Then they’ll subscribe to newsletters, email updates, and social media feeds.

You want a Virginia freelance content writer who can drive the excitement of a certain space-themed franchise

The perfect razzle-dazzle draws them in – a Jedi Mind Trick in written form. (Don’t worry – I have Empire Insurance…or is that Alliance Insurance? Hmm, better double-check the policy)

And when you’re amping up sales, you need copy that hunts down phrasing to persuade visitors to dive in and learn more. No gimmicky nonsense or repetitive jargon; just humor and cheek to catch the eye and encourage a second look. Before you know it, you’re watching your income climb. Perfect copy works WONDERS.

When it comes to education downloadables, this Virginia freelance content writer is the one you've been waiting for

Education Materials

Who doesn’t love downloadables?

Yes, yes, we live in the tech age where everything’s accessible at our fingertips. But people LOVE freebies. Forms, templates, brochures, certificates – if you can dream it, they crave it. And when you link it to your brand?


From presentations to the humble pamphlet, education materials provide that extra bit of whipped cream and sprinkles every site needs. (And chocolate sauce…and a cherry…and chopped walnuts…and…)

Crazy Brilliant

Your schedule’s INSANE – and not in a good way. You’re working on a genius breakthrough. Finding words and sentences? Sourcing SEO keywords? Deciding who to interview? Prepping a blog schedule? Yeah, that’s not in the cards. You need someone to pick up those tasks, comb through the details of YOUR research, and deliver everything on a deadline.

Editing needs? Scheduling troubles? You need Andria Kennedy - the Virginia freelance content writer with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet - for writing!

So send up the AK Signal!

Sure, you’re questioning MY sanity – but not my work ethic. Look through my clips and see what I’ve accomplished for my clients. My crazy brilliance? It’s on display.

And I can do the same FOR YOU.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?