You can use a fairy tale to start ANY story

Fairy Tale Indices for Unicorn Writers

Plenty of stories take inspiration from fairy tales. And you can probably name the Grimm Brothers’ basics. But do you know where they got the tales from? Or how many variations exist for every story out there? When you start diving into the history and themes of these favorites, you find startling nuggets you can exploit for new story ideas. Or you can simply learn something new! … Read on…Fairy Tale Indices for Unicorn Writers

Fan Favorite

Everyone finds themselves intrigued by and fanning over SOMETHING. Before you know it, you’ve purchased every book in a series, watched every movie, and collected every piece of memorabilia you can lay your fingers on. And – if you’re a writer – you might have dabbled at playing around in the world. Fan fiction’s one of the best ways to job you’re writing brain. And you never know when it’ll lead you to the next best idea. … Read on…Fan Favorite

What Do You Meme?

If you spend ANY time on social media, you come across memes. And they span the spectrum from serious to hilarious. People share them for different reasons, and you’re probably the same. But have you ever noticed a meme catching your eye? Something starts your writing brain going. And you should LET it. Because it doesn’t matter where you get your inspiration, as long as something fantastic comes of it. … Read on…What Do You Meme?