Lightning Strikes (Inspiration)

Fan Favorite

Everyone finds themselves intrigued by and fanning over SOMETHING. Before you know it, you've purchased every book in a series, watched every movie, and collected every piece of memorabilia you can lay your fingers on. And - if you're a writer - you might have dabbled at playing around in the world. Fan fiction's one of the best ways to job you're writing brain. And you never know when it'll lead you to the next best idea.

Lightning Strikes (Inspiration)

Hear it “Write”

Everyone's imaginations work differently. And that's a good thing! How else could you end up with so many retellings of the same plot? The same can work if you "look" at sounds. Ask for a description from a group of random people, and you'll never get the same description. Therein lies a potential source of inspiration for your work.

Bag of Tricks (Tools of the Trade)

The Writer’s Best Friend

The world's reached a point where most of us rely on some form of technology. That's reasonable, but there's an "ancient" writing tool that no writer worth their salt should abandon. And if you don't have at least ONE notebook squirreled away, can you actually call yourself a writer?

Brain Break (English Class)

The Melting Pot

More than ever, writers have a duty to reflect the world around us. That means opening our eyes and acknowledging the diversity we live in. But we have to do it properly. You can't simply assign random tags to characters and expect a warm reception. There's a "right" way to handle integrating diversity into your writing - and about a hundred WRONG ways to do it.