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Scarlet Witch, Vol. 1: The Last Door by Steve Orlando

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When my husband offered to let me borrow this book, I was skeptical. Previous volumes of Scarlet Witch failed to impress me. Did I want to take a chance on another? (Especially given my recent streak of disappointing reads?)

I’m glad I took the chance because this was a revelation. Mr. Orlando and the creative team took Wanda’s background – traumas and all – and granted her the dignity and strength she deserves. Instead of the fragile, haunted woman she appeared in the previous stories I’ve encountered, Wanda’s emerged as a conscious, healing example of mental health therapy in action. She never denies the rocky path of her past, but instead of allowing those actions to define her, she’s moved on to paying the balance forward. It’s beautiful and uplifting while still carrying the message of “healing” throughout.

Though the constant repetition of “the last door” did grate on my nerves.

And can we talk about Darcy? She is the perfect foil for Wanda – even if she’s not the brilliant scientist we know (and recognize) from the Marvel franchise. Her wit and punch lighten every panel and balance her unspoken trauma. It’s a perfect balance against Wanda’s admitted history.

I am beyond delighted I chose to give the book a chance, and you better believe I’m here for the duration.

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