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Review of Rachel Smythe’s LORE OLYMPUS: VOLUME FIVE

Lore Olympus: Volume Five by Rachel Smythe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Is it bad that I’m excited about getting into the bloodthirsty part of the drama? (Probably not, given other books I’ve read) I suppose it isn’t really the “bloodthirsty” angle so much as an introduction of a new take on the old myths. Ms. Smythe is taking Persephone in a direction I’ve never seen, crafting her into so much more than the original tales, and I LOVE it!

The growth arc that’s taken place since the beginning – not just for Persephone, but for Hades and even more minor characters like Artemis and Hera – is phenomenal. Subtle changes peek out here and there, and there’s justification for each adjustment. Every writer should strive to incorporate this kind of writing into their books! I find myself staring at panels in awe. Ms. Smythe’s work (art, story, nuance) is so beautiful. It’s impossible to put the book aside until there aren’t any more pages!

Waiting on the next volume is agony. I have physical pain for Hades and Persephone, desperately needing to know how they’ll move forward from this sweet agony they’re experiencing. (Yes, I realize Webtoon exists – don’t message and lecture me)

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