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Review of Harley Quinn: Task Force XX

Harley Quinn Vol. 4: Task Force XX by Stephanie Phillips

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Harley version of Suicide Squad (even if, yes, they made a point of avoiding that direct quote – which was hilarious) – how could I NOT love it? Especially considering Harley and Killer Frost were paired up on an SS team (the team they used as reference, as a matter of fact). The hijinks paralleled everything so well, with less of the gore and body count one tends to expect. It was a perfect…well, not exactly a parody, but an homage.

And Harley was her usual self in the new, enlightened version I’ve come to love.

This didn’t exactly fold nicely into the narrative arc that’s been established in the previous three volumes (including characters isn’t the same as continuing a storyline, not in my book, anyway), which was a disappointment. But everything was contained so nicely within this volume that I can’t really complain. (And Kevin’s monologue in the final chapter made the delay worthwhile) Besides, the overall theme of searching for a sense of self and place after a dramatic shakeup DID still resonate, even if the focus of that work didn’t take place with Harley this time. I’m okay with her maintaining her place as a voice of “reason” in her new role of Dr. Harleen, credible psychologist.

(Yes, I’m the first to admit I’m not likely to COMPLAIN about a Harley comic. Not unless the creative team decides to do something horribly egregious)

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