Review of Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Legion of Bats! (2022-) Vol. 2 by Tee Franklin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Is it ironic to read this right as I finished the fourth season? Maybe. (We’ll leave any discussion about the publisher dropping the volume for another day)

Naturally, I love getting an “inside peek” into the stories and action between the animated seasons. The writers do a brilliant job of weaving together the major and minor themes while continuing the same level of banter and action a faithful fan expects. And while not all of the side plots amount to anything in the television series (who DOESN’T want to see poor Clayface and his daughter get more screen time?), it’s nice to see people given room to play around in the world.

My only complaint – and I know I’ll probably get hate for it – is the balance of messaging included. I’m always down for inclusion and acceptance, but there’s a line where it becomes preachy, and this danced on (and over) that line – more so than the previous volume. I recognize the current social world we’re living in calls for cries of, “We’re here!” but it came across as too much. There’s a healthy balance to everything, and this didn’t feel like it.

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