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Review of Yoshiki Nakemura’s SKIP-BEAT! VOL. 48

Skip·Beat!, Vol. 48 by Yoshiki Nakamura

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recognize I can’t take this out on the book as the blame lies with the (American) publishing company. But there is nothing worse than having to wait MONTHS between volumes – especially when the story is gaining momentum. It’s pure torture. (And, yes, I realize I make similar comments each time. It’s unavoidable, considering this is the longest manga series I own)

How many threads does Nakamura-san have us hanging by at this point? The pure agony that is the relationship between Kyoko and Ren (can we discuss that ending?!), Kyoko’s blossoming career – which just gained an exciting new twist courtesy of the mysterious producer – the production of Route, and now Moko’s entry into Route (can we talk about that audition?). It’s dizzying and heart-wrenching, and the book should come with a warning not to read it before bed.

(Mostly because it meant exposing my eyes to blue light from my phone’s screen as I scrambled – without success – to find out when volume 49 was due to drop)

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