Review of Rin Chupeco’s SILVER UNDER NIGHTFALL

Silver Under Nightfall by Rin Chupeco

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can we discuss how dramatic this book’s departure is for Ms. Chupeco – and how I’m completely on board for the ride? (Who knew Remy was the foul-mouthed, belligerent, heart-sore protagonist everyone needed in their life?) Of every damaged main character she’s presented to the world, Remy may be my favorite, even if I can’t precisely put my finger on why.

This world of vampires (not one of which dons glitter, thank you very much) is unlike any I’ve yet encountered, and it feels completely believable and rational. There’s no question of the undead walking alongside the general populace, trading conversation with the well-to-do at dinner parties. They’re both apart, and a part of the fabric of existence, and it’s sheer elegance from Ms. Chupeco. She weaves together different elements that shouldn’t work (the language, for instance), and yet it blends without a hitch. And the pockets of humor prevent the gruesome violence from taking over the narrative and turning it into a B horror movie.

It would have proven a perfect read if I hadn’t struggled to keep up with the bewildering action scenes. As it stands, though, even with careful backtracking and re-reading, I still lack a clear picture of Breaker and its operation. The portable Transformer-like weapon defies even my imagination to conjure. I needed some reference points to draw upon and offer a glimpse into its seemingly limitless capabilities. In a world where so much is possible – with at least a grounding in science and rational thought – that sat outside.

I look forward to the possibilities Ms. Chupeco will bring with this new series. She’s a master storyteller. (And a genius at creative epithets)

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