Review of Harley Quinn: Verdict

Harley Quinn Vol. 3 : Verdict by Stephanie Phillips

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I’ve loved what Ms. Phillips has done with this new iteration of Harley Quinn, but this volume? This was on a whole new level! To bridge that gap between the original villainous and the new antihero she’s emerging as through the lens of Verdict was sheer brilliance. Especially because she offered no excuses for the Harley that was. Harley has always stepped forward and embraced the evil she’s done. And it’s what makes her so believable and relatable as a character. There’s no “I didn’t mean it” or “I was under the influence of a maniacal lunatic” that’s been employed elsewhere. She openly admits that she was on a different path and grew to recognize the errors of her ways.

This new path is her redemption arc, and it’s beautiful to watch.

You can’t help but admire the way she’s rehabilitating herself as she coaches everyone around her down their therapy paths. The tiny pockets of revelatory information peek out and tap into your own psyche so delicately. You don’t even realize you’re having your own moment until you’ve set down the book and chased down an elusive memory. It’s sheer brilliance!

We always knew Harley was a brilliant psychiatrist. Ms. Phillips is just letting her step forward with that genius in her own Harley way. And I am definitely here for it!

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