Venom: Lethal Protector by David Michelinie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Am I reading out of order? Yeah, probably. (I put the blame on this surgery and having to make do with Kindle) However, I’m not entirely out of the loop regarding Venom.

Maybe a touch. Because I found the non-separation of Eddie and Venom a little strange. (I guess I let the movies influence me) The pair came off reading a little strange. Still humorous, though, and entirely lovable. I mean, the intent to do good is present. Their motivations were at least clearer than everyone else’s – including Spider-Man’s. (Why did he feel this pressing need to go across the country? It’s not like anyone was bothering HIM)

Some things felt too far-fetched, even for a comic. I mean, honestly – a perfectly preserved city left over from the earthquake and unknown under a park? That was a bit much. As was the whole treasure angle. It felt forced for the sake of a plot line. Venom deserves a better story than that. (And, yes, I understand that we’re dealing with the 90s here) It came across as cliche.

All in all, not the worst comic I’ve come across. But also not a ringing endorsement for the series.

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