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Raven by Marv Wolfman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mr. Wolfman presented one of the better takes on Raven with this collection. She was exactly what she is: an introverted, backward teenager with warped superpowers. Nothing dramatic or overly sensationalized. It made for a pleasant read (and, yes, I found myself contrasting it against Kami Garcia’s take).

Having her stumble onto a group of random friends (not entirely composed of outcasts) made for a more “realistic” presentation. And it kept the tone light where it needed the break from the tension. Raven’s opposition against the entity was believable because she had that core of friends to support and encourage her. The same with her adoptive family. It provided a grounding in reality that contrasted so well against her demonic side.

I enjoyed the comic. And it’s a real shame there isn’t a second in this particular series. Mr. Wolfman could do amazing things with the character.

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