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Review of Yuu Miyazaki’s THE ASTERISK WAR: VOL. 16

The Asterisk War, Vol. 16 by Yuu Miyazaki

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s only taken 16 volumes, but readers finally have the motivation and backstory for the Golden Bough Alliance. They have everything laid out in front of them, and it didn’t ruin the story or stop you from wanting to continue with the next volume. (Which makes you question why they’ve kept all of it so hushed and secret for this long)

Heroes need a reason to fight. But for so much of this series, there hasn’t been anything more than a nebulous goal. And it’s been frustrating. (Exempting, of course, the personal ambitions of everyone – none of which was strong enough to carry a plot line) Naturally, the battle scenes were interesting to “sit through,” but stringing them out for pages and pages became routine and expected. There needed to be something MORE to care about. And it’s frustrating that it took this long to reveal it. (Even if Miyazaki-san chose to keep it from the protagonists, there was no reason to hide it from the readers)

As a result, you get a volume that’s worth reading.

The battles heighten the tension while you turn the pages to discover what will happen in the grander scheme. It’s a blending of suspicion and tension. And it’s recharged the energy in the series that was flagging so badly in recent volumes. Your pulse picks up, wondering if the team will defeat their opponents in time to prevent that crucial order. While also keeping an eye on that crucial final battle between Julis and Orphelia. This is what I’ve wanted the entire time. (And, of course, what I have to wait to see resolved)

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