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Review of Marissa Meyer’s WIRES AND NERVE

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

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Quite unintentionally, I’ve read a few story arcs out of order lately. I know it’s frowned upon, but each time it’s worked out for the best (for me). Rather than ending up with spoilers or confusion, I’ve gained an “outside” perspective on things through my “illicit” knowledge. And it’s given me a new appreciation for the writer’s cleverness.

This is the perfect example.

Ms. Meyer touched on the political resolution of Luna in her shorter works, something that always felt stilted if I’m honest. (Of COURSE a monarchy needs to be dissolved in favor of democracy; it’s a requirement in everything, right?) The background story was lacking. And so was the answer of the mutated Lunar soldiers. They faded away, lost in an assumption of “happy ever after.”

This alternate telling fills in the gaps and provides the missing steps that rubbed so raw before. To say nothing of giving Iko the spotlight she always craved (and, frankly, deserved). I hate to label her a secondary character in the original series, but she had to settle for a quieter role given her bodily limitations. Now she can step forward on her own, and that wicked streak of humor is a positive delight. To say nothing of becoming a certifiable action hero. It’s the perfect viewpoint for the tale, bridging Cinder’s struggle with the physical altercations on Earth. And I applaud Ms. Meyer for thinking of it.

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