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Review of Kami Garcia’s TEEN TITANS: RAVEN

Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve always been intrigued by the character of Raven, primarily because of her origin. And given how much I loved the Beautiful Creatures series, I expected something delightfully new for this series. Ms. Garcia has the perfect frame of mind to tackle the tangled knot that is Raven.

But she left so much of that potential – somewhere else.

Don’t get me wrong, the notion of needing noise-canceling headphones was intriguing and offered recognition to a segment of the population that’s often neglected. There’s more to explore along that avenue. But as far as the actual connection to Trigon and the exploration of her powers, it fell flat. She became nothing more than a conduit, a placeholder that could have easily been anyone else in the entire volume. There was nothing remarkable or transformative, even in the final climax.

I wanted more (I can’t believe I’m writing this) angst and drama. Raven’s such a complex character, but she came across as nothing more than a stereotypical teenager. And in those crucial moments, she faded into the background. It was a disservice to the character, to say nothing of the series. And I was disappointed. Particularly as I’ve enjoyed the other DC graphic novels I’ve taken a chance on.

(Can’t win them all, I guess)

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