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Cinder’s Adventure: Get Me To the Wedding! by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I admit: I forgot I ordered this all those months ago. (Comes of preferring real books over Kindle editions) And I’m actually glad I did, as getting nostalgic at this time of year is more fitting. (Not to mention having Cursed fresh in my mind) This was a complete throwback to all of those Choose Your Own Adventure books I devoured in my childhood, complete with all of the eye-rolling humor.

It was obvious that Ms. Meyer had a good time writing the twists and turns. And bringing in elements of her other worlds was a nice touch, even if a few felt a trifle forced. (The headbands? Really?) The various endings were at least logical and enjoyable – barring those few “dead ends” that you had to expect, given the form of the story.

The engineering of the book needed a lot of work, though. What we accomplished in the day with scraps of paper (or even our other fingers) was lacking here. There was no way to insert multiple bookmarks or even a handy way to revert to the beginning again so you could start over. Instead, you had to flip back manually. (Talk about an irritation) At least I could find various branch points that way, but it meant reading out of order to avoid having to traipse through hundreds of pages. Someone needed to think that through.

All in all, though, it was a clever idea. And I can’t complain – overly much.

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