Review of Suicide Squad: Bad Blood

Suicide Squad: Bad Blood by Tom Taylor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Farewell, Suicide Squad.

I must admit, Mr. Taylor sends them out on a glorious note (in true Task Force X fashion). The volume serves as the perfect segue between the original team and the next generation helmed by Peacemaker. (And, I would imagine, the splinter volume of Revolutionaries) I mean, aside from the odd “departure” of Amanda Waller. That made absolutely no sense. Aside from the fact that the storyline called for her absence, at any rate. (When in doubt, enact a shadowy government transaction, am I right?)

But I applaud Deathshot’s redemption. Throughout the various story arcs, he’s always been the most redeemable of the antiheroes. To grant him his pardon and reunite him with Zoe was a nice touch – even if the plot called for an ignominious ending. (I’d complain, but it rings so true to Suicide Squad) I only wish King Shark and Captain Boomerang fared as nicely. But those two have always served as the group’s punching bags.

I will give the creative team props for their equal representation. It’s the first I’ve encountered of this depth in a comic, and I appreciated the attention to detail. Here’s hoping it continues – throughout more of the comic labels.

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