Review of Suicide Squad: Constriction

Suicide Squad, Volume 8: Constriction by Rob Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Constriction” as a way to constrict a bunch of stories into a single volume? (That’s my guess, anyway)

I can’t complain, really. Mr. Williams and Mr. Bunn did an admirable job of keeping everything enjoyable to read. (Okay, the B String team romp with Swamp Thing was a stretch) I mean, how do you go wrong with Batman getting dragged along? He’s arguably an honorary member of the Squad at this point. And Captain Boomerang’s secret agent files are always worth a jaunt.

Maybe the volume was nothing more than tying up a few loose ends – or letting the creative team exercise their brains for fun – but it wasn’t out in the weeds or off the rails, as some lines have done. (I won’t name names) And turning Waller into the full-fledged monster she’s always been? You can’t go wrong there. (Not to mention offering a glimpse into Flag’s backstory) It was worth the read, even if it felt weak as a “last” in the numbered collection.

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