Review of Black Cat: Infinity Score

Infinity Score by Jed Mackay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mr. MacKay took a different swing for Felicia with this one. (I had wondered where we’d go after the major story arc of the previous five volumes) And it’s an interesting take on what to do with a character that lacks enhanced abilities.

The Infinity Stone angle felt weak (they just leave those things lying around everywhere?), but watching her tangle with Nick Fury was amusing. My only complaint was – as always – the constant references to additional comic lines. I never appreciate traveling through 15,000 other volumes to understand a single plot line. And that felt necessary to comprehend who Nighthawk was and grasp his motivation. (Convenient that he mostly played a background role) I want to read through and understand exactly what’s going on without having to put things down and hunt for answers elsewhere – something I’M not about to do. (Call me an obnoxious reader)

It’s hard to say whether there’s an additional story arc building here or if this is meant to stand on its own. The pieces could fall either way. Mr. MacKay’s lucky that every volume’s an enjoyable read to keep me hooked.

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