Happy 1st Birthday, Ekko!

I can't believe it's Ekko's 1st birthday already!
This handsome boy turns ONE today!

Where does the time go? One minute you’re introducing a tiny black and white kitten to the rest of the household. (And reassuring Juniper that the hissing isn’t anything serious to worry about) The next, you have a FOURTEEN-POUND tuxedo gentleman trailing behind you, chirping, so you know it’s his 1st birthday. I simply can’t believe it’s time to graduate our baby Ekko into the realm of adulthood already. (Based strictly on age, mind you; he has plenty of kitten energy left)

He’s such a dynamic part of the household now. Whether he’s chasing around after a dental treat (a twice-daily part of the routine) or snuggling up with his favorite “person” in the entire world, he keeps us on our toes. And he’s so talkative! We never imagined he’d turn into such a chatterbox when we first adopted him.

I can’t believe we’re already at his 1st birthday.

Then again, the age of all the others always creeps up on me, too!

Author: Andria Kennedy

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