DragonCon 2022 (AKA the Zoo and Aquarium)

Cosplay is one of the heralds of DragonCon
Mirabel and Tia Dalma in the tube of the Ocean Voyager tank

We survived our vacation! (Not a thing to say lightly when you’re attending an event with THOUSANDS of other people) And since we’re past that magical five-day window, I can also safely say we also managed to make it through DragonCon 2022 WITHOUT contracting COVID. (In case you wondered, that’s a check box for masking, washing hands, and sanitizing) Everyone had a fantastic time – as always – and I returned with pages of notes of writing information and ideas. But, as my brain settles back into normal, you’ll have to settle for a photo bomb. (You know you love it)

Day 1: Zoo Atlanta

Nothing against the event coordinators, but there wasn’t much in the programming of Day 1 that was terribly interesting. So after waiting in line to pick up our badges, we headed to Zoo Atlanta.

Unfortunately, my exhausted brain neglected to add “camera” to the packing list. So while I added a memory tag to charge the camera batteries (something I never actually remembered to do – proving the necessity of this break), it wasn’t there to get checked off. That left me with nothing more than the camera on my phone. It produced adequate pictures, but nothing like my Nikon is capable of. (Live and learn)

Day 2: DragonCon

Suffice it to say Day 2 involved the Vendor Hall, the Art Show, and the end of our agreed-upon budget. (I don’t even know why we set a budget in the first place) It also required long discussions with my body as we made extra loops around the building simply to get in LINE. (If you aren’t smart enough to wear appropriate shoes to this kind of event, that’s on you)

I was grateful to arrive at my two writing sessions by the afternoon. Even if the seats weren’t the most comfortable in the world. (Average as far as convention rooms go)

And the day’s loot has already been added to my computer tower, laptop, and writing room walls. (They look fantastic0

Day 3: Georgia Aquarium

DragonCon is known for cosplay. It’s one of the biggest hallmarks that allows the Con to stand out from others. And while plenty of people dress up every day, my husband and I opted for just Saturday. (We’re new to the costume biz, and it made the most sense to us)

We spent the morning repeating our trip through the Vendor Hall and Art Show before I needed to head to my writing sessions. And that evening, DragonCon got to take over the Georgia Aquarium.

Now, I’ve been several times in the past, but it’s been several years. And it’s a different place with everyone in costume, DJs, and (admittedly) darkened tanks. NOT the easiest for pictures. I needed to do video captures to get most of my images.

And one of my favorite deviations for the day? I made it to the Walk of Fame (a first for me). And I got to meet Anthony Rapp! Now, I realize he was there primarily for his Star Trek: Discovery work, but I’ve been a fan of Rent since 1998. So I got a selfie, and he signed my lyric book, which will soon join the wall with my cast posters and photos.

I got the chance to meet Anthony Rapp at DragonCon this year!
Yup, me with Anthony Rapp!

Day 4: DragonCon Hourly Writer’s Track

Thankfully, the last day featured nothing more demanding on my poor body than sitting through an entire day of writing sessions. I don’t think my legs have YET to start talking to me. And my shoulders – particularly the rotator cuff on the left – are still grumbling about hauling around the artwork.

And DragonCon put on a fantastic Writer’s Track with the best speakers. I enjoyed every minute.

We capped it off with a trivia hour of DC versus Marvel. (I didn’t do half-bad if I say so myself)

And while I had to battle a massive line of ribbon fanatics (another hallmark of DragonCon), I managed a final trip through the Art Show, ensuring we had ALL of our Christmas shopping finished. So NOT a bad vacation, all told.

And you better believe we’re already making plans – including costumes! – for next year!

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