You are the only person who can decide what the shape of your career will look like
Flotsam and Jetsam (Random Thoughts)

Circles in Squares: Making Your Business Anything But Yours

Spend a few minutes cruising the internet or social media, and you'll find dozens of people with templates and advice on how to structure your writing business. They all omit one detail, though: YOU'RE the only one who can decide what that business path will look like. Because YOU aren't THEM.

Literary magazines - whether in print or online - offer opportunities for non-fiction and fiction
Bag of Tricks (Tools of the Trade)

Literary Magazines: Are You Utilizing This Creative Outlet?

Finding somewhere to pitch a hot story? That isn't tough. And when your imagination runs wild, you can easily find markets for speculative fiction. But what about personal essays? Or creative non-fiction? How about poetry? Writers need somewhere to submit their more cerebral work. And that's where the literary magazines of the world come in.