Review of Scarlet Witch: World of Witchcraft

Scarlet Witch, Vol. 2: World of Witchcraft by James Robinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With this second volume, I can offer Mr. Robinson an olive branch. There’s an argument that the disparate story pieces parallel the fragmented state of mind Wanda’s experiencing. It’s an artful depth suggesting a deeper understanding of the fragility of her character than one witnessed in the first volume – and I applaud the genius.

Assuming that was the original intent, at any rate.

Through the various vignettes, the reader’s given the various grounding elements they’ve needed from the beginning. Trauma – emotional more so than physical – abounds in her history. And the confrontations between herself and Pietro bring everything to the forefront in a way that’s sympathetic and empathetic all at once. She transforms into a woman with power, depth, and motivation from a bland, emotionless character wandering through the panels in a sleepy haze. It’s the dimension the previous volume so desperately lacked.

Of course, the arc of the primary story remains weak, at best. It exists to pin Wanda’s story upon, nothing more. One wonders why Mr. Robinson couldn’t craft something more sweeping – and worthy – of her tale.

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