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Antihero Kreative is TWO!

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Would you believe today marks TWO YEARS since Antihero Kreative accepted its first official assignment? (No, really – I went back and checked my records to make sure) Seems so much longer than that.

Then again, the pandemic has made EVERYTHING seem five times longer.

I’m insanely proud of how far my freelance writing business has come since the beginning. Oh, sure, those first few clips were baby steps. And I DID end up making a typical rookie mistake, joining a freelance marketplace. But at least Upwork taught me plenty. I also built a few handy relationships while getting AK off the ground.

But look at me after just two years!

I kissed the marketplaces farewell. Now I gain clients on my terms (usually through introductions via LinkedIn). I’m no longer a slave to my computer, struggling to meet insane deadlines. Instead, my calendar is set up to ensure my clients, AND my brain remain happy and confident. (Never leave yourself out of the equation. That’s a critical freelancer note!)

And the AK logo underwent a snazzy upgrade. (Without losing the adorable original design my awesome sister created for me)

Not to mention the addition of pitches to my repertoire. (Okay, that work takes place behind the scenes, and it’s far from glamorous) Something I wanted to add in the beginning but wasn’t confident enough to do until now.

Needless to say, I can’t WAIT to see what the next year will bring!

I hope you’ll accompany me on the journey.

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