Review of Arina Tanemura’s IDOL DREAMS Vol. 7

Idol Dreams, Vol. 7 by Arina Tanemura

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How long’s it been since Volume 6? (Suffice it to say I needed a reread to refresh my brain on what was going on) These insanely long breaks between publications do a real number on you!

As always, I can’t get enough of Tanemura-san’s gorgeous artwork. I could lose myself in the imagery for days. And this volume is no exception. Unfortunately, it’s because she chose to follow the route I didn’t want to see the story take. Of course, I expected the love triangle (that’s a standard for her writing). The heightened drama surrounding the wedding was also anticipated.

But why, oh why did Deguchi’s looks need to change? Yes, I worried things would head in that direction (a common trope), but I believed Tanemura-san would carry the plot in a different direction. Deguchi’s shown so much growth and strength up to this point. I wanted to see a butterfly narrative that didn’t rely on appearance. Or not in such a superficial way, at any rate. It’s so shallow and disappointing – to say nothing of an opposite route than how she generally approaches her protagonists.

It broke my heart to watch this unfolding of the plot. And to glimpse the “final few chapters” note in the bio suggests little time to repair the damage done. I feel a painful ending coming – at least to my mind.

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