Best. Rejection. Ever!

Rejection letters are the bread and butter of a writer’s life. If you’re not receiving them, you’re not sending your work out for examination by a stranger’s eyeballs. And that means you’re missing the opportunity to receive gems like this one:

I am BEYOND delighted. And you better believe I’ll be stalking them for their next submissions, waiting for my chance to get a short story ready!

Author: Andria Kennedy

I speak the thoughts rattling around in my brain, sharing topics I think other people want and should hear (or are afraid to talk about themselves). I bring my personality and quirky state of mind to everything I write; serious topics shouldn't be devoid of humor. That includes my blog and freelance work (part of my charm). I've been writing for as long as I can remember. It's a source of solace and enjoyment for me. I'm lucky enough to call what I love my career - so it's NOT work! I live in Virginia with the Minions (four cats and a Greyhound) and my wonderful husband, who ensures I stay fed - no cereal for dinner - and as close to sane as I can get.

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