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Review of Anne Bishop’s CROWBONES

Crowbones by Anne Bishop

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The underlining themes and threads in The Others series never fail to disappoint. Ms. Bishop is a genius when it comes to highlighting the deepest parts of the human psyche, drawing them into the light in an approachable and sympathetic way without verging into the saccharine. You bond with the characters, investing in their lives – even the terra indiginae (naturally, it’s debatable whether this should be possible). It’s a masterful gift that leaves you in awe of her writing skills.

This is the first of the “outer” books in the series to begin weaving threads back to the main storyline, integrating the tiny clues provided in past volumes. Your mind demands a complete return to the beginning, desperate to search for every slight hint you may have overlooked leading to these events. (Never a bad thing for an author to accomplish, in my opinion. Well, save that it tempts me away from the massive stack of books in my To Read pile) Lakeside’s no longer the only locus of any importance in Thaisia. And you crave the reasons why. It’s maddening that only ONE book hits the shelves a year.

The final chapter ALMOST makes up for Ms. Bishop leaving you swirling in a tantalizing pool of wonder. It’s so brilliantly perfect. You close the cover, grinning like a fool. Then again, from the first time you started this series, there was never any doubt you’d remain hooked. Her talent knows no bounds.

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