Review of Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn

Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn by Katana Collins

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Okay, so MAYBE I picked up this volume first and needed that recommendation (advisement) to start with the first two installments in the series. If you follow me or know me, you’re not surprised. I mean, at this point, finding a Harley comic I DON’T own is getting tricky.

And I’m not disappointed.

Without neglecting that prismatic view begun with the other White Knight volumes, Ms. Collins and Mr. Murphy take this version of Harley and polish her. She transforms into one of the most realistic antiheroes to grace the pages of a comic. (You’re never going to convince me to label her as anything else – sorry, guys) And it’s accomplished without sacrificing the wit and humor so integral to her character. The talent’s awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately, I’m going to ding the pair on plot. Set along the previous volumes, it falls short. Starlet and Producer lack the punch of your typical Gotham villains, stealing the glory Harley’s due. (I suppose I’ll tolerate that costume change) And Lou? Did Ms. Collins and Mr. Murphy fail to read the Rules of Fiction? Unforgivable. While the emotion remains gripping and gritty and real, the action and stakes feel less. And that’s the only regret I felt skimming the pages.

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