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Review of Future State: Suicide Squad

Future State: Suicide Squad by Robbie Thompson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

What is it with comics and alternative timelines? They’re obsessed! And a close second is the multiverse-timeline concept. “Let’s play with the idea of an alternate reality with these characters and then decide to send the REAL characters into the mix to muck around with things.” Repeat ad nauseum for every storyline you can think of.

Don’t the writing teams get TIRED of it? They’re coming up with plot ideas that haven’t already appeared in – well, EVERYTHING before now. (Maybe one particular writer hasn’t used the trope before, but SOMEONE did) You’re not breaking new ground. Couldn’t you expend a tiny bit of effort? Put up SOME kind of resistance and suggest verging off the beaten track? Would it kill you?

Don’t you think it would beat boring readers to death? Because THAT you’re accomplishing.

Nothing in this volume is revelatory or earth-shattering (no pun intended). And that goes for the predictable “this was nothing more than a dream” ending. (Whoever thought THAt was a good idea deserves to get smacked upside the head with a copy of the resulting work) Getting through it required effort – to stay awake.

There’s an important lesson here: Never let someone talk you into trying a new comic line simply because it features your favorite cast of characters (or, in this case, DOESN’T). Stick to what you know.

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