Review of Black Cat: All Dressed Up

Black Cat, Vol. 3: All Dressed Up by Jed Mackay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, so MAYBE Black Cat is starting to grow on me. You simply can’t beat her sass and sarcasm, and, were she a real person, we’d get along thick as thieves. (Yup, went there)

The plotline still jumps around more than I care for, though. (Seriously, when did we get to the wedding arc?) A bridge from one idea to the next – preferably at the BEGINNING of the chapter – wouldn’t hurt. Trying to piece things together at the end gets confusing. I even went so far as to scour the panels for an asterisk directing me to another comic, loath as I am to switch to another character or storyline.

It is nice to see Mr. MacKay delving a bit more into Felicia’s crew, too. They’re so integral to the background operations, yet they’ve remained off to the sides. (And, I know, I’d probably know more if I read whatever Spider-Man volumes preceded Black Cat getting her own spinoff series. Not going to happen)

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