Suicide Squad, Volume 5: Kill Your Darlings by Rob Williams

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Wow. Just wow. (I may have forced myself to stay awake to finish this one)

Nothing like a mirror to drive a message home, eh? The levels of conflict within this volume just kept going! Mr. Williams deserves a round of applause. He threw away the lines between “good” and “bad” (as you should), confronting the idea of “us versus them” in the world of metahumans. And then he added a stick of dynamite.

You’re left staring at the pages in complete and utter awe. And then you find yourself rolling questions around in your brain. (Well, maybe the average reader does. Personally, I’ve always felt them rattling) When those final panels pop up, your jaw DROPS. It’s sheer genius.

Well, excluding the epilogue. (Setting things up for the next volume, blah, blah, blah)

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Author: Andria Kennedy

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