Suicide Squad, Volume 2: Going Sane by Rob Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What’s Suicide Squad without a bit of insanity? (Or is that sanity?) Compared with previous takes on the subject, Mr. Williams’s version is probably one of my favorites. At least he played around with the idea in a way that felt the most genuine for all of the characters.

That said, you can only push the suspension of disbelief so far – even in comics. (How the hell did you intend to explain Boomerang? I love the guy, too, but – huh?) I suppose it’s one of those times where you just roll your eyes, throw up your hands, and continue reading. After all, good characters are difficult to come by.

And while I appreciate the “Team Files” (why have I never heard of Killing Frost until now?), these seemed more random than before. Instead of offering additional pieces of a puzzle, it felt like someone mixing different games into a pile and telling you to figure out the rules. My only guess is they’ll make sense down the road. (Or is that a futile hope?)

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