Review of Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years

Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years by Paul Dini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What? A genuine (obsessed) fan needs to ensure a complete collection. Even if a book contains a few comic installments you already own.

The talented teams that have brought Harley to life in comic form since her beloved television debut deserve a resounding standing ovation. Different approaches, backstories, and personality quirks are precisely what a reader looks for (or is that a writer as a reader?). Even if I haven’t always appreciated the way creative teams have cast Harley, looking at the evolution of her character through this compilation offered a SLIGHT glimpse into the thought process behind those tweaks and changes. And, of course, who can complain about the stunning artwork?

It proved a genuine joy for a devoted fan. (And helped round out those stacks of Harley comics on my bookshelves)

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And, no, I didn’t count this towards my goal (even if Goodreads did). Since there were duplicates in the collection from other reads this year, it didn’t feel fair. But I still wanted to include the review.

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