Breaking Routine

Broken Lego body

How does your day look? Do you follow a specific pattern starting when you wake up? What about when you work – are there templates you utilize to streamline your process? It’s natural to do so. Routines make lives easier. (Why reinvent the wheel every day)

The problem with habits is when we adopt certain practices that interfere with our overall well-being. I’m talking about those automatic responses we make such a part of our characters, we stop thinking about them. Specifically, the ones that start eating into our mental and physical health. And because they’re such ingrained routines, we don’t think about them.

Not until it’s too late, anyway.

That’s where this essay (reflection, whatever you’d care to call it) came from: Break the Routine or Break Yourself. (And my thanks to Creators Hub for the Write Here prompts that led to the publication)

Author: Andria Kennedy

I speak the thoughts rattling around in my brain, sharing topics I think other people want and should hear (or are afraid to talk about themselves). I bring my personality and quirky state of mind to everything I write; serious topics shouldn't be devoid of humor. That includes my blog and freelance work (part of my charm). I've been writing for as long as I can remember. It's a source of solace and enjoyment for me. I'm lucky enough to call what I love my career - so it's NOT work! I live in Virginia with the Minions (four cats and a Greyhound) and my wonderful husband, who ensures I stay fed - no cereal for dinner - and as close to sane as I can get.

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