Flotsam and Jetsam

Where My Weirdos At?

“What makes you different makes you strong.”

~Arcane: League of Legends

I am the first to admit I’m weird. (Of course, you already knew that – unless you’re new to the blog) But I didn’t always walk around with “strange” printed across my forehead. I went to great lengths to disguise the bizarre twists of my brain. Mainly because that’s what the world expects from you. Weird? It’s not exactly “cool” – at least not in polite society. (Whatever that is)

Going through the struggle of self-acceptance took time. And a reality check as I realized my weirdness wasn’t about to disappear quietly into an attic somewhere. So when CRY Magazine posted a prompt on embracing a part of yourself, it felt like fate:

Welcome to Weirdsville

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